599,516 Brian Kennedy Lyrics - Flightless
...est face Stop the hunger in my blood Tie me down, lock me up and leave me in disgrace You got to keep me from the flood If you go, you're gonna leave me flightless Don't you know, you're gonna leave me flightless You're the one that I can't fight If you go I might not make it through the ... Word-count:205
|2013-05-15| http://www.songwords.net/waiguo/pop/briankennedy/106.htm
540,123 -|---Song:-Waltz-of-the-Robins-----------------------------| A-|---Composer:-Fernando-Sor--------------------------------| D-|---Transcription-by:Christian Liang----------------------| G-|---E-Mail
...A|--2================-|--3--------2--0-----|--------------------|--------------------| E|--------------------|-----------------3--|--2================-|--3================-| 4 3 2 3 2 4 3 1 2 ... Word-count:785
|2012-10-17| http://www.classtab.org/sor_op44_no03.txt
489,809 Everything Changes Chords - Take That - Guitar Chords
...before, forever more [Dmaj7 G Em A] (Chorus)   "Everything Changes" "Everything Changes" "Take That" "Everything Changes" "39380752"   Take That - Everything Changes ChordsEverything Changes People who played Take That - Everyt ... Word-count:706
|2012-07-13| http://www.yourchords.com/143237/Take-That/Everything-Changes-Chords/
469,730 Oxygen Empty Now - Guitar Chords and Tabs with Lyrics
...a helpful chord diagram. Chords and Tabs: Oxygen Empty Now Send "Oxygen Empty Now" Ringtones to your Cell Learn how to play "Oxygen Empty Now&qu ... Word-count:79
|2012-06-18| http://www.yourchords.com/a14513/Oxygen-Empty-Now/
404,419 Jean-phillipe Verdin - Little Sister Chords - Misc Unsigned Bands - Guitar Chords
...E but you, we'll take me out there REFRAIN 2 ends on A   "Jean-phillipe Verdin - Little Sister" "Jean-phillipe Verdin - Little Sister" "Misc Unsigned Bands" "Jean-phillipe Verdin - Little Sister" "39380752"   ... Word-count:451
|2012-04-04| http://www.yourchords.com/233456/Misc-Unsigned-Bands/Jean-phillipe-Verdin---Little-Sister-Chords/
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