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		The sporting worldConsidering just how many sports there are out
there  to keep us entertained it is unsurprising just how hard it is
to stay informed  of the ones that you love- let alone all of them. So
here is a small round up  of some of rugby union, rugby league and
golf highlights that will keep you in  the know. 
In Rugby League this  season there has certainly been plenty to talk
about, and the London Skolars  are definitely no exception. When
London  Skolars were founded in 1995 and joined the National League in
2002, they  became the first club in 80 years to climb from amateur to
professional level  and their performance ever since has showacsed
some highs and some lows of  rugby league. However the determination
of the London Skolars seems never to  have faleterd and they were
accepted into the national league in 2002. This is  where they have
payed ever since however it has not been smooth sailing. The London
Skolars  finished at the end of the 2008-2009 in 10th position of the
Championship One  table, taking the wooden spoon with just one win all
season and five points. So  this season they have a lot to prove. 
      Another  team that has not had the best record in recent years
is the Bristol  rugby union team, who were relegated from the
Premiership at the end of the  2008-09 season. Theirs has been a rocky
past and the Bristol rugby union team  have sea-sawed up and down
between the two top teirs of English rugby union for  the last decade
having great success in the 2001-02 season and then dropping  their
game shortly afterwards. However the Bristol rugby union team now have
a  lot to work for and are doing all that they can in the 2009-10
      Over in the  cricket world the Warwickshire  cricket team has
also had a history that has been defined by incredible highs  and
demoralising lows. Due to Edgbaston's status as a Test  venue the 
Warwickshire cricket team are regarded as one of the most important or
 influential teasm when it comes to English county cricket, despite
the fact  that the Warwickshire cricket team have won the County 
Championship just six times in their history. 1994 was certainly their
bast  year when they managed to win the Championship, the Benson
Hedges Cup and the  National League all in the same year, however this
form has not been maintained  and the  Warwickshire cricket team were
relegated from the top flight in 2007. so will  they have what it
takes to make it this season?
      In the  golfing world one particular man has stood out in recent
years and his name is Padraig Harrington. Padraig  Harrington
discovered golf at school and rather than persue accountanacy as he 
had always believed he would he decided to try his hand at
professional golf;  something that has very much paid off. Padraig
Harrington was on the successful Great Britain and Ireland team in the
2005 Walker  Cup, he joined the European Tour the following year. His
sucesses have been plentiful sine that time  and Padraig Harrington 
continues to be a big name in golf in 2009. 
    Another  big name in sport, but from a different time and place
altogether, is Jennifer  Capriati, who won a total of 14 singles
titles in her career, incluing an  Olympic gold medal in Barcelona in
1992 and three Grand Slams. Jennifer  Capriati was born in the USA and
remains to this day one of the most talented  players the country has
ever produced. 
    To find out  just how your football team is doing, and all other
football news, log onto today and stay 
informed of the countries favourite sport. directoryWhether you feature information or guides,
recipes or tips, why not let our users find your site in our
hand-reviewed UK directory for a one-time payment of £99.

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