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Sharky Extreme : 
December 13, 2009


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        February High-end PC
        Buyer's Guide
        Phenom II X3 720 BE
        and X4 810 Review
        Logitech G15 Keyboard
        Alienware Area-51 790i
        X48T-DQ6 Motherboard Review



  New On Sharky Extreme 


Weekly CPU Prices - Week of December 7, 2009-December 11, 2009

While processor prices have been holding fairly steady for weeks, this
is the first time in a while that we have absolutely no price drops to
report. The only changes, in fact, came in the form of price
increases, though even those were few and far between.
   Weekly CPU Prices - Week of November 30, 2009-December 4, 2009

This week's processor prices, unfortunately, are holding pretty
steady, with only a handful of the prices we track dropping at all
from our last guide and a few others edging upward in price.  
Weekly CPU Prices - Week of November 16, 2009-November 20, 2009

While the majority of the prices tracked in this week's guide
continued to hold steady, a handful from each camp did inch downwards,
offering prospective buyers with just a bit more of an incentive to
make the leap. And while we'd certainly  love to see some more
significant price drops, we'll still take what we can get.
   Weekly CPU Prices - Week of November 9, 2009-November 13, 2009

Prices, unfortunately, continue to hold steady in this week's guide,
with only one of the prices we track experiencing a significant drop
and most holding right where they've been for weeks. And while one
significant price drop is better than none, we'd like to see that
become less the exception and more the rule in future issues of the
guide.   Weekly CPU Prices - Week of November 2, 2009-November 6,

This week's prices have held about as steady we've ever seen them,
with none of the prices we track dropping at all and a handful inching
upwards in price. So anyone sitting on the fence, waiting for a price
drop before making a purchase, might want to get comfortable where
they're sitting.
   Weekly CPU Prices - Week of October 26, 2009-October 30, 2009

The handful of significant price drops we saw in last week's guide,
we're sorry to say, have not proven to be the beginning of a trend;
and prices have once again settled back into place, with only a few of
the prices we track dropping at all and only one dropping by more than
a few dollars.
   Weekly CPU Prices - Week of October 19, 2009-October 23, 2009

After weeks of guides with little, if any, downward price movement,
readers should be pleased to find that this week's edition contain
several price drops, a handful of which fell by some fairly
significant amounts. So far, the noteworthy drops have been entirely
on the prices of AMD processors; but hopefully the coming weeks will
show Intel responding in kind.
   Dell: 'Powerful' Hardware Refresh Ahead-October 14, 2009

The PC maker's chief executive looks ahead to 2010.   Windows 7
Arrives-October 22, 2009

Early buzz suggests it's more than "Not Vista," but will it help turn
an industry around?   AMD Building Chips for New
Form-Factors-October 20, 2009

The traditional desktop is fading, but AMD continues to support the
space with nods to all-in-ones and smaller form-factors.   Weekly
CPU Prices - Week of October 12, 2009-October 16, 2009

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the prices we track
continued to hold steady in this week's guide. Only two prices, one
from each camp, fell at all; and neither of those fell by more than
just a few dollars.   

  On Hardware Central 
HP ProBook 5310m Review-December 7, 2009

Weighing under four pounds and under one inch thick, HP's new business
notebook is easily mistaken for one of those $1,500-plus executive
status symbols. It's also easily purchased for $899.   Let's Get
Small: Dell Adds New Form Factors to OptiPlex PC Line-December 10,

Dell's newest business desktop puts Intel's vPro management technology
into a box about nine and a half inches square and two and a half
inches thick.   Latest Reports Say Apple 'iTablet' Is a
Go-December 9, 2009

Analyst report pegs the launch date around March, but will consumers
balk at a $1,000 price tag?   HP Unveils 18.5-Inch All-in-One
Business PC-December 8, 2009

HP adds an affordable, non-touch-screen model to its lineup of
one-piece desktop PC/LCDs.   New ViewSonic Monitor Draws Just 15
Watts-December 8, 2009

Cutting energy costs and saving the environment, ViewSonic's latest
19-inch desktop LCD is no dim bulb.   

Microsoft Licenses exFAT to Third Parties-December 11, 2009

The software giant works to popularize its extended file system for
tomorrow's high-capacity flash devices.   AOL Gets Its Fresh
Start-December 11, 2009

The Internet pioneer celebrates its rebirth as it builds a future
around original content.   Latest Linux Kernel Comes With Memory
in Mind-December 4, 2009

The final Linux kernel release of the year takes aim at virtual memory
deduplication and other performance enhancements.   Nokia Pares
Down 2010 Smartphone Launch Plans-December 4, 2009

The world's largest mobile phone maker will dramatically reduce the
number of new models it debuts next year.   Internet Merchants
Get Into the Black Friday Act-November 25, 2009

Heading into Black Friday, online retailers ramp up deals for what
could be a penny-pinching holiday shopping season.   After a Hot
Autumn, Intel & AMD Business Cools-November 20, 2009

Builds begin to slow as Q1, a typically slow period, approaches. Will
the sector descend gently or crash to earth?   

  Recently on Sharky Extreme 
Weekly CPU Prices - Week of September 7, 2009-September 11, 2009

With new products starting to slowly make their ways into the market,
we're hopeful that the coming weeks will bring some downward price
movement on existing processors. But so far, that has yet to be the
case and prices have continued to hold about as steady as ever.  
Weekly CPU Prices - Week of August 31, 2009-September 4, 2009

Unfortunately, we have to report that this week's prices continued to
hold steady for yet another week. Only four of the prices we track,
throughout the guide, fell at all; and none of those fell by more than
a few dollars.   Weekly CPU Prices - Week of August 24,
2009-August 28, 2009

This week's CPU prices, unfortunately, are about as frozen in place as
they've been in quite a while. Only two prices fell at all, in fact,
and none fell by enough to stir much in the way of excitement.  
Weekly CPU Prices - Week of August 17, 2009-August 21, 2009

Unfortunately, prices drops are even more a rarity in this week's
guide than what we saw in the previous week's edition. Only a few of
the prices we track fell at all and only one fell by more than a few
dollars. The rest, for the most part, held right where they've been
for weeks.   Weekly CPU Prices - Week of August 10, 2009-August
14, 2009

This week's guide contains one double-digit price drop from each camp;
and each camp's prices held otherwise steady. Price drops,
unfortunately, remain a rarity, with few prices dropping at all and
fewer still dropping by enough to draw much interest.   Weekly
CPU Prices - Week of August 3, 2009-August 7, 2009

As we've seen all too often, recently, most of the prices we tracked
in this week's guide held steady or fell by too little to take much
notice of. A few modest price drops can be found, here and there; but
unfortunately, they remain too much the exception and nowhere near the
rule.   Weekly CPU Prices - Week of July 27, 2009-July 31, 2009

By and large, prices continued to stagnate across all sections of this
week's price guide. A few minor price drops can be found scattered
here and there; but none that are likely  to send many readers running
for their wallets.   AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE & X4 810
Review-February 9, 2009

AMD's initial Phenom II product release was a very positive one, and
demonstrated that the redesigned, 45nm version of the Phenom quad core
could be successful against the Core 2 Duo and Quad, while offering
superb value and overclocking. The foray into the world of Socket AM3
brings a few more changes, such as a lower-cache X4 model and a hotrod
X3 Black Edition that is just itching to be overclocked.  
Logitech G15 Keyboard Review-February 6, 2009

The Logitech G15 keyboard is a popular choice for the gaming crowd,
and is a worthwhile upgrade from the older model and the lower-end
G11. In this review, we're not only taking the G15 out for a new test
drive, but also installing it with a 2009 driver set. Check out our
review to see how it stacked up in terms of features, design and
usability.   Alienware Area-51 790i System Review-January 26,

There are two methods of achieving an ultra high-end gaming system: do
it yourself or buy one pre-configured. Alienware looks to meld these
into one process, allowing users to select the various components, and
then receive a custom-built system tailored to their specific needs.
The Area-51 offers a lot of potential customizations, and at the
top-end, a ton of performance as well.   Gigabyte X48T-DQ6
Motherboard Review-January 16, 2009

Intel has shifted to the Core i7 + X58 as their top-end platform of
choice, but the Core 2 Duo/Quad market still has a lot of life in it.
The Intel X48 is currently one of the top performance bases for a
DDR3-equipped, Core 2 performance system, and we're checking out the
Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 motherboard to see how it compares in terms of
features and performance.   AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE
Review-January 9, 2009

With their third official Phenom-based release, AMD has saved the best
for last. The 45nm Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition features a full 3.0
GHz clock speed, 6MB of L3 cache and overclocking headroom unheard of
for an AMD processor. We'll be checking out AMD's newest quad and
putting it through the benchmark grinder to see how it stacks up.
  NZXT Tempest Case Review-December 12, 2008

The system case is an integral part of any PC build, but determining
the right combination of features, size, cooling, and price can be a
daunting task. But for enthusiasts and gamers with a spare C-note, the
decision became a lot easier, as the NZXT Tempest case offers an
excellent value for around $100.   OCZ PC3-10666 Gold 2x1GB
Review-December 1, 2008

DDR3 memory is already the standard for high-end Intel platforms, and
with AMD readying a DDR3-based processor line, the transition away
from DDR2 will only speed up. The only potential issue is sticker
shock, but as the OCZ PC3-10666 Gold Edition 2x1GB kit proves, you
don't need to spend a lot to jump on the DDR3 bandwagon.  
November Value Gaming PC Buyer's Guide-November 14, 2008

Our latest Value Gaming PC Buyer's Guide is online, and we're taking
$1,000 in cold, hard cash to build a powerhouse gaming PC for the
budget crowd. If you're the type of gamer who counts your pennies
before buying any new computer, then this is the system guide for you.
  Intel Core i7-965 XE & Core i7-920 Review-November 3, 2008

The Intel Nehalem platform has finally emerged in the form of the Core
i7 processor line, and it brings with it a new architecture and a host
of features and options we've never seen on an Intel CPU, as well as
the return of an old friend. We will be checking out both the Core
i7-965 Extreme Edition and Core i7 920 processors and examining their
performance against the very best from both Intel and AMD.  
Intel DX48BT2 (X48) Motherboard Review-October 21, 2008

Intel has been holding the performance CPU market in a virtual
stranglehold, but the company still needs platforms that properly
exploit the Core 2. The X38 started the move to DDR3, and the Intel
X48 completes it, with full support for both FSB1600 and DDR3-1600
speeds. The Intel DX48BT2 motherboard supplies a high-end
implementation of this chipset, complete with full overclocking
features.   Corsair XMS3 PC3-12800 2x1GB Review-October 10, 2008

The transition from DDR2 to DDR3 is continuing to accelerate, and now
that more vendors are offering low-latency DDR3 that doesn't induce
sticker shock, expect demand to only grow. Corsair's XMS3 PC3-12800
2x1GB kit, complete with support for CL7 timings and Intel Extreme
Memory Profiles, is a great enthusiast match for a high-end Intel
platform.   Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick Review-September 19, 2008

Adding TV tuner functionality is both a popular and inexpensive way to
watch and record TV on your computer. This is true for notebooks as
well, and using an external USB tuner makes for a very simple upgrade.
The PCTV HD Pro Stick from Pinnacle is one such product, with support
for both SD and HD programming, as well as unencrypted ClearQAM
digital channels.   September Extreme Gaming PC Buyer's
Guide-September 11, 2008

An extreme $4,000 budget is sure to put these Extreme Gaming PC Guide
components on the top of everyone's shopping list—and make its
builders the envy of those who can only afford to follow our $2,500
High-End Guide! If you're looking for the best combination of parts
available for a little less than this hefty price limit, read on!
  D-Link DWA-652 Xtreme N Notebook Adapter Review-August 20, 2008

The Wireless-N revolution is upon us, and although the IEEE 802.11n
specification is still in Draft 2.0 format, it still offers a
potential 300 Mbps wireless link, or almost 6X that of Wireless-G. The
D-Link DWA-652 Xtreme N Notebook Adapter is an upgrade device that
adds Wireless-N to an older notebook, getting it up to speed for
faster online performance.   AMD 790GX Chipset Review-August 8,

The AMD 780G represented the first wave of the HD 3000-based
integrated chipsets, but the AMD 790GX is definitely
second-generation. This improves on the 780G in almost every way,
offering full Phenom X4 support, a faster graphics core, integrated
display cache, and a higher-end architecture. If you've always wanted
a performance platform with integrated graphics, look no further.
  D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router Review-July 28, 2008

The IEEE 802.11n specification is in Draft 2.0 format, but that
doesn't mean you can't enjoy the faster 300 Mbps wireless speeds,
enhanced stability and greater range now. The D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N
Gaming Router is a serious piece of hardware that not only uses the
fastest Wireless-N and Gigabit LAN speeds, but also incorporates
several gaming-oriented features to ensure your online games will get
all the bandwidth they need.   Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5
Motherboard Review-July 16, 2008

The AMD 7-series of chipsets offers everything from entry-level to
ultra high-end platforms for the Socket AM2+ market. We're
concentrating on the top of the line 790FX chipset, and the Gigabyte
GA-MA790FX-DS5 motherboard that features it, so check out our review
to see how it stacks up against some other AMD-based solutions.  

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