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- First Letter Lyrics

Clara ...

Clara ...
I cried. 

I cried. 

Imagine that, a soldier who cries. 

I had to hide my eyes, so the others on the train 
That carried me away from you would think I was asleep. 

[spoken] Music? 

[spoken] That's Signora Fosca playing. 

[spoken] My cousin. I have no family and neither does she. 
She is in such poor health, it's a continual worry. 

[spoken] That's her place setting, but she stays in her room most
Perhaps soon she'll be well enough to join us for a meal. 

[spoken] She eats like a sparrow. 

[spoken] My apologies, sir. 
The comparison has struck me as funny. 
A sparrow seems to eat more than Signora Fosca. A pity it is ... 

[COLONEL (to Giorgio)]
[spoken] My cousin loves to read - it's her only passion, really. 
I can't find enough books for her.

[spoken] I also love reading. 
I've brought a few of my favorite books down.  
Perhaps I could lend them to Signora Fosca,
though I can't promise they will appeal to her. 

[spoken] Young man, she's been driven to reading military handbooks. 
I've no doubt she will welcome anything in print. 

[spoken] Post arrived! 

[spoken] Hand it round Augenti. 
Nothing for me again? It's been two weeks. 

[spoken] It smells to me as if Captain Bachetti has a letter from an

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