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Original Broadway Cast 
- Let a Father Stand by his Son Lyrics

Grania's child, of course, friends
Has another parent
Humbled in remorse, friends
Shamed as he was errant
Please let a father
Stand by his son

Mock me with your cheer, lads
Salt my wounds with slander
Have you not a tear, lads
For your old commander?
Please let a father
Stand by his son

As he grows
Through the years
Will my name
Be unknown?
Grania, you
Know what a father can mean
Is your heart made of stone?

Grania, for the child's sake
On this day of Christ'ning;
Please let a father
Stand by his son

I suppose
My obligation is clear
You have the right to be here
I dismissed the husband
Cursed by his sin
The father, though
May come in

(English attack. Battle sounds, as lib screams, gun shots)

Did you think I'd lie down
Let a woman prevail
Be dismissed on command?!

That I thought you could change!
In one final betray'l
Now you've turned on your land
Now, what will come of our ways?
Now, what will happen to Eoin...?

Now, with my boy, I'll restore
Clan O'Flaherty's sway
Once the English have won!

Tiernan, steal him away!
Keep that beast from my boy!
Save my child, save my son!

One throat and down it goes;
Collapse like dominoes
Now you see
How the game's played, your Majesty
Across this land
It will play out the same, your Majesty
And when
I give this land to you
I'll kneel
And you'll know what to do

(music to the ending)

[Thanks to Chris for lyrics]

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