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Abstract VJ Video Clips - pablo perezA set of abstract video clips
which can be used for visual video mixing.Keywords: abstract; video;
clips; vj; visual; mix; mixing; remixing; visualsDownloads: 22,102
Average rating:  (1 review)
antenasloop de video, vj videotone 2005. antenas multicapas. soft
final cut...... ..... ..... --- --- --- --- --- ---Keywords: antenas;
loop; vj; videojocky; videotone; gnoma; gnomalab; juanjoDownloads:
cocina - Juanjo FernándezCocina, Juanjo Fernández: 2001 - 5' Cocina
es un trabajo de exploración rítmica a través de la imagen.
aprovechando unos cuantos planos improvisados de una grabación casera
de algo tan cotidiano como puede ser preparar la comida, me he fijado
en el sonido que producen las cosas. seguramente nadie se para a
escuchar el sonido que produce un cuchillo al cortar un tomate, o el
chasquido de la puerto de un microondas al cerrarse.....Keywords:
cocina; videotone; video; gnoma; gnomalab; max; jitter; isadora; pdp;
pd; nato; loop; loops; vj; videojockey; visual; audiovisual;
videoarte, videoart; barcelona; mov; movies; abstract; abstracto;
experimental; experiment; kitchen; jokeDownloads: 1,945 
VJ Set - Davi Cavalcanti - VJ Gabiruum set de VJ com imagens de
várias origens, uma produção poética levando as últimas
consequências a estetica do reconbinativaKeywords: videoart; VJ;
multimedia; tranceDownloads: 6,144 Average rating:  (1 review)
22 vj clips, enjoy! - thedave / davidthevjThis is a random selection
from my home made content, its all pretty dark and dirty, use to your
little hearts content [-; Spec... cinepak, 400x320, 100% keyd every
currently putting together a VJ download shop at vjvj.co.uk and am
currently sourcing material to sell and feedback from the vj community
on what you want to see. Please contact me via the website if you can
offer either...Keywords: vj loops clips club visual veejayDownloads:
135,273 Average rating:  (8 reviews)
deconstruccion natural - juanjo fernandezdeconstrucción natural is a
video archive from a video instalation.Keywords: videotone; video;
gnoma; gnomalab; max; jitter; isadora; pdp; pd; nato; loop; loops; vj;
videojockey; visual; audiovisual; videoarte, videoart; barcelona; mov;
movies; abstract; abstracto; instalation; instalacion; videoarte;
nature; naturaleza; flowers; flores; ramas; manipulation;
manipulacion; experimentalDownloads: 12,815 Average rating:  (1
Design Of Signage VJ Clips - Tom BassfordA selection of VJing clips
made from public domain signs. The original designs were produced by
Ravi Poovaiah, Professor, IDC, IIT Bombay. The symbols for Hospitals,
Railway/Bus stations and Public building environments were designed at
IIT Bombay. The project involved extensive field work and feedback
studies with the users. The designs were evaluated and modified during
each stage of the design process...Keywords: VJ; Visuals; Abstract;
Animation; Silent; BPM Syncronized; iconography; Video Mixing; Clip;
Video Jockey; Sleepytom; VJammDownloads: 43,374 Average rating:  (3
drops edison - juanjo fernandezvideo loop from edison movies.
software: custom patch with max/msp/NATOKeywords: gnomalab; gnoma;
videotone; loop; loops; videojockey; vj; visual; juanjo; fernandez;
nato; Jitter; isadora; PD; pdp; pidip; videoart; videoarte; video;
arteDownloads: 3,522 Average rating:  (1 review)
drops film - juanjo Fernándezvj loopKeywords: drops; old; loop,vj;
videojockey; gnomalab; gnoma; videotone; juanjo; loop; loops; bucle;
videoDownloads: 4,032 Average rating:  (1 review)
fondo abstracto - juanjo fernandezfonod abstractos realizados con
max/msp/jitter.Keywords: videotone; video; gnoma; gnomalab; max;
jitter; isadora; pdp; pd; nato; loop; loops; vj; videojockey; visual;
audiovisual; videoarte, videoart; barcelona; loop; loops; bulce;
abstract; abstractoDownloads: 16,566 Average rating:  (1 review)
video - anonymousDownloads: 2,986 Average rating:  (0 review)
Herz - juanjo fernandezvideoclip Herz music Herz. by Iñaqui Marin.
video Juanjo FernándezKeywords: videotone; video; gnoma;
gnomalab; max; jitter; isadora; pdp; pd; nato; loop; loops; vj;
videojockey; visual; audiovisual; videoarte, videoart; barcelona; mov;
movies; abstract; abstracto; experimental; experiment; dv; minidv;
digital; Spain; Barcelona; Terra; Herz; Inaqui; marin; Miga; Regular;
clip; videoclip; music videoDownloads: 4,331 Average rating:  (1
VJ loops for VJ's - Adrian Ball of www.hollowsphere.orgUse these for
your VJ sets, no problem :) All files are compressed with Indeo 5.11
codecKeywords: vj, loop, techno, aestesis, hollowsphere, veejay,
manchesterDownloads: 12,170 Average rating:  (0 review)
Yellow Pixel Man VJ LoopKeywords: vj loop; hollowsphereDownloads:
2,979 Average rating:  (0 review)
Dot Halo - icecreamparadeoriginially a logo animation i did for a
regular local party, i removed the second part (where the dots
seperate to form a 2d logo) and made this first part loopable. all
files are of the same animation, except with different colours. made
with Blender 400x300, motion jpg file suffixes indicate background and
dot colours. icecreamparade-dot_halos_k-b-mjpg means background is
black (k) and dots are blue (b) feel free to use this in your vj gigs,
but not in any commercial video productionsKeywords: vj, loop, ice
cream parade, abstract, 3dDownloads: 7,104 Average rating:  (0 review)
illiterate man - channel10This pack contains thirteen quicktime files
of varying lengths. A few of the base videos use material from the
archive, but most of it was generated using simple text characters and
after effects 6.5 and livemotion. The files are in a zip file for your
convenience and are MPEG4 encoded. To download, click on here or just
above the creative commons "some rights reserved" badge on the HTTP or
FTP link...Keywords: VJ; loops; animation; sampleDownloads: 1,077
Average rating:  (0 review)
INTERFACE7 MOULAR???? ????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?????
PROGRAMMERDownloads: 597 
TERCIEUX (vj dadykt) artiste prrogrammeur AVEC L'INTERFACE MAX/MSP
JITTERKeywords: opengl 3d jitter max/msp french pd real time vns
dadykt vj loops loop live video art vizuel visual
performenceDownloads: 839 
Invertes Road Shots - Drica VelosoShots from the window; at the
railroad heading to NYC and in a road to Seattle. All with the collors
inverted. Very good for VJing.Keywords: VJ loops road texture railroad
invertedDownloads: 2,682 Average rating:  (0 review)
Maker Faire VJ Clips - Momo The monsterThese clips were shot on April
22, 2006 at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. They were cut up into short
bits for live video mixing, and used by Synesthete to win the VJ
Battle on April 23 at the Faire. They are now made available for
everyone to use. There are two series included here. One is a
collection of 31 short clips from the faire, marked either mjpeg_vga
meaning they are Quicktime Motion-JPEG files with a size of 640x480 or
mjpeg_qvga signifying a size of 320x240...Keywords: vj; maker faire;
maker; qvga; vga; mjpeg; vj-contentDownloads: 83,367 Average rating: 
(1 review)
Mannequin Factory - Timothy JaegerShots from inside a mannequin
factory, 640 x 480 Quicktime, suitable for VJ performancesKeywords:
factory; mannequin; VJDownloads: 43,910 Average rating:  (5 reviews)
PlastinationThe new method, witch can make statues from human
bodies.Downloads: 653 Average rating:  (0 review)
PlastinationThe new method, which can make statues from bobies f dead
people.Downloads: 647 Average rating:  (0 review)
my opengl worldcette video est un live réalisé en temps réel avec
MAX/msp jitter par Matthieu Tercieux (artiste programmeur)Keywords: VJ
loop loops jitter max/msp puredata gem 3d réaltime live mathieu
tercieux video artDownloads: 1,083 Average rating:  (2 reviews)
one way - juanjo fernandezexperimentacion con la
ralentización.Keywords: videotone; video; gnoma; gnomalab; max;
jitter; isadora; pdp; pd; nato; loop; loops; vj; videojockey; visual;
audiovisual; videoarte, videoart; barcelona; mov; movies; abstract;
abstracto; experimental; experiment; dv; minidv; digital; spain;
barcelona; terrassa; Ilinois; Chicago; GalesburgDownloads: 2,092 
Pacific Nature - Drica VelosoLoops from the pacific ocean and the
sunsetKeywords: loops VJ nature sun oceanDownloads: 4,574 Average
rating:  (0 review)
pixelpunx VJ SET 1 - pixelpunxa vj set from the pixelpunx live-video
collective. made for the switzerland CC-launch event in zurich. may
2007.Keywords: VJ loops; VJ clips; video; live-video; pixelpunx; video
art; digital art; video; footage; abstractDownloads: 139,992 Average
rating:  (8 reviews)
Plastination - Matyas Kalman (VJ Mao)vj mix about plastination by vj
maoKeywords: plastination, vj, mao, visual, electroDownloads: 1,332
Average rating:  (0 review)
Playground Series 1A Plastic Playground in Los Angeles - Seamless
Loops for VJs. Includes a run around the park, monkey bars, a lion, a
seal - 320x240 PJPEG-AKeywords: vj; seamless; loops; momo the monster;
lava; playgroundDownloads: 5,348 Average rating:  (1 review)
PSA : Chill Out (Analog Recycling Edit) - Euterpe JonesI made this
video to let other video artists know that the good folks at analog
recycling have generously uploaded 79 fabulous VJ loops to the
Internet Archive for everyone's use. I utilized 50 or so of them in
this video. Here is the relevant page on IA:
www.archive.org/details/ANALOG_RECYCLING_VJ_LOOPS. The song is by
Youth Of Britain and is a favorite around our place. Wait are you
waiting for? Go make some videos! xoxo
Euterpe Jones; Youth Of Britain; Analog RecyclingDownloads: 8,213
Average rating:  (1 review)
heartboom pussymix - human videomachine ( videosignal )a few minutes i
recorded on my visualset in april 2006Keywords: vj; live;
minimalcriminal; minimalrockers; video jockeyDownloads: 1,241 Average
rating:  (0 review)
my definition of trailerart - human videomachine - ( videosignale )i
create to use in my visualsets to deep electronic music.
vj-loop.Keywords: videoart; trailercapture; vj; music; loopDownloads:
1,843 Average rating:  (0 review)
Retro Video Systemathique - VJ OxyodoSome retro and minimal video
session. Made with a 30 mins audio set of Alexander G.
www.vjoxyodo.netKeywords: retro video systemathiqueDownloads: 2,228
Average rating:  (0 review)
sine nights - juanjo fernandezPresentado en StripArt 2005. Barcelona.
incluido en el CD+video+audio ZEMOS98 6 edicón, Sevilla. (en el cd
aaprece con el nombre de "Faces").Keywords: videotone; video; gnoma;
gnomalab; max; jitter; isadora; pdp; pd; nato; loop; loops; vj;
videojockey; visual; audiovisual; videoarte, videoart; barcelona; mov;
movies; abstract; abstracto; experimental; experiment; drops; dv;
minidv; compilation; varios; sinenights; night; digital; cdzemos98;
zemos98; spain; sevilla; barcelona; facesDownloads: 2,428 
VJ Clips Made for the Channel4 pixnmix project - Tom BassfordA
selection of VJing clips made for the channel4 pixnmix workshops.
These clips are designed for live visual performance using a VJing
software such as VJamm http://www.vjamm.com Please feel free to use
these at live performances which you are being paid for - they are not
to be incorperated into paid production work though (eg not for use on
a DVD that you intend to sell)Keywords: VJ; Visuals; Abstract;
Animation; Silent; BPM Syncronized; Video Mixing; Clip; Video Jockey;
Sleepytom; VJammDownloads: 19,005 Average rating:  (1 review)
teste de mon monde en openglCette video est un cours test en live d'un
logiciel de vjing en cours de programmation (interfacet modular)
réalisé par Mathieu Tercieux "artiste programmeur".Keywords: vj
dadykt dah'dykt loops loop video art 3d Max/msp jitter puredata gem
opengl live realtime softvns Matthieu TercieuxDownloads: 473 
el tiempo es relativo - juanjo fernandezSimultan video 100seconds Â
short videos - presentation place: ÂCsiky Gergely Hungarian Theatre
- Timisoara (str. Alba Iulia nr. 2)Keywords: videotone; video; gnoma;
gnomalab; max; jitter; isadora; pdp; pd; nato; loop; loops; vj;
videojockey; visual; audiovisual; videoarte, videoart; barcelona; mov;
movies; abstract; abstracto; experimental; experiment; tiempo;
relativo; time; relative; simultan; short; presentation; timisora;
100seconds; seconds; 100Downloads: 2,072 
La Marche de la Luna - C. BrownThis trance-music video was created
with a full days work. The dancer was shot on a makeshift bluescreen
on my friends balcony on mini-dv, then the footage was captured via
firewire and imported into After FX 4.6 (w/production bundle). Arkaos
VJ 2.2 was also used with a lot of footage from our global VJ Loop
community video archive, and some 3D effects were added with Strata
3D. The final piece was edited in Final Cut Pro 2.0, and voila: done
in approx 12 hours start to finish.Keywords: Music: Genres:
TranceDownloads: 9,055 Average rating:  (4 reviews)
TRAIN.Keywords: Matthieu live video art train indus Tercieux loop
loops vj MAX/msp jitter pd VNS softvnsDownloads: 1,100 
Loops shot in US - Drica VelosoUrban shots from US roads, trains
stations and CitiesKeywords: loops VJ urbanDownloads: 5,996 Average
rating:  (0 review)
videoloops kit - Nyon-kun pequeña coleccion de videoloops estilo
vjKeywords: vj; seamless loops; video; vj loopDownloads: 38,673
Average rating:  (3 reviews)
videotone_demo_2004 - gnomalabKeywords: gnomalab, gnoma, videotone,
juanjo, fernandez; demo, reel, 2004; vj, videojockey, loop, loops,
bucles, disco, house, gogo, miss, kitttingDownloads: 2,621 
jitter abstract - juanjo fernandezopen GL vj loops make with cunstom
Jitter patchKeywords: videotone; video; gnoma; gnomalab; max; jitter;
isadora; pdp; pd; nato; loop; loops; vj; videojockey; visual;
audiovisual; videoarte, videoart; barcelona; jiiter; movs; open_gl;
patchDownloads: 3,509 
vj_loops - vidsigz ( videosignale )vj loops - 3 selfmade mpg visuals
for live vjingKeywords: vj; loops; mpg; live; electronic; techno,
minimal; vjloopsDownloads: 12,483 Average rating:  (3 reviews)
Vj Girzd at work (LIVE)Short movie clip of live vj session with dj
primary in night club first and last show so farDownloads: 1,134 
VJ loop terraloop de vídeo para vj. pode ser usado no resolume ou em
qq outro programaKeywords: vj; loopDownloads: 7,636 Average rating: 
(1 review)
Acid Scratch - Jeff MissionExcerpt from a live VJ performance by Jeff
Mission, VJ Phi, and Leonid Andreev at Therapy nightclub, Providence,
RI. A recipe for trippy live visuals. Take a live camera feed. Add
some digital contrast by posterizing the image. Mix in a layer of
live, hardware-based feedback. Crank the speakers up to 11. Dance all
night long.Keywords: VJ; Jeff Mission; Leonid Andreev; VJ Phi; video;
art; mixing; live; visuals; performance; Beatfix; DJ; turntable;
scratchDownloads: 3,127 Average rating:  (0 review)
Alien Smile - Jeff MissionAn experiment in live video feedback, "Alien
Smile" was created with a flashlight, a camera, a video projector, and
an Edirol V4 video mixer providing a horizontal mirror effect. First,
light from the flashlight is used to create a blob of saturated
feedback that forms the mouth. Next, the light is repositioned to
serve as the eyes. Bobbing the flashlight up and down changes the
amount of light in the feedback loop, affecting the size and shape of
the alien smile...Keywords: VJ; Jeff Mission; Boston; video; mixing;
live; visuals; art; performance; Beatfix; feedbackDownloads: 2,102
Average rating:  (0 review)
Benchun Live - Jeff MissionExcerpt from a live VJ set by Jeff Mission,
recorded during a performance by San Francisco breakbeat DJ benchun at
I {Heart} Breaks in Boston, MA. The visuals in this mix come from a
pair of custom-built cameras. One is mounted on the top-center of the
DJ mixer, the other is the VJ-perspective 'Third Eye' cam. Thanks to
projection screens on either side of the stage, the crowd was able to
get an inside look at benchun's deck technique.Keywords: VJ; Jeff
Mission; Boston; video; mixing; live; feedback; visuals; performance;
Beatfix; benchun; breakbeat; Circle; DJDownloads: 1,473 Average
rating:  (0 review)
Boundary Issues - Jeff MissionAt a recent experimental video jam,
people were invited to play with sound and visuals using a customized
control setup. Using a camera, dvd player, video mixer, and a Kaoss
Pad, guests were able to trigger and blend sound and images using a
simple touch-sensitive interface. With some rhythm and a little
practice, this simple A/V instrument can be used by almost anyone.
This clip features sound and images from the movie "The Corporation",
remixed through the freestyle improvisations of percussio...Keywords:
VJ; Jeff Mission; Boston; video; art; mixing; live; visuals;
performance; percussion; Kaoss Pad; experimental; jamDownloads: 1,384
Average rating:  (0 review)
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