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with Microformats for a Beautiful Web, VideoBy: Andy ClarkePublisher:
New RidersPub. Date: September 24, 2009Print ISBN-10:
0-321-66864-2Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-66864-6Running Time: 1 hour 37
minutes 3 seconds Safari User Rating:  [1 Rating] OverviewTable of
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TitlesMicroformats have been designed to give additional meaning to
simple, widely-published types of data on the web. They add another
layer of functionality to Web pages. You can use them to add
structure and meaning to contact information about people and
places, and to calendar information. You can mark up reviews of
events or the relationships between people. You can even use them
for blog posts and syndicated content.
In this video, author and CSS guru Andy Clarke shows how to
implement these simple, structured formats in HTML. He takes a
design-based approach and provides a number of visual examples so
that those with a less technical background can get started using
microformats in their designs right away. He demonstrates these
concepts using examples from a fictitious social networking
This is an online streaming video, not a download. After making
your purchase online, you can log into your Peachpit account page
to view Designing with Microformats for a Beautiful Web anytime,
anywhere with Internet access. 
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SampleTime Chapter/SelectionFree Sample06:32Section 1: Introduction
Free Sample11:57Section 2: Meaningful Markup Free Sample08:54Section
3: Link-Based Microformats Free Sample05:22Section 4: The XFN
Microformat: Describing Relationships Free Sample24:07Section 5: The
hCard Microformat: Contact Information Free Sample11:20Section 6: The
hCalendar Microformat: Event Information Free Sample11:42Section 7:
The hReview Microformat: Review Content Free Sample02:49Section 8: The
hListing Microformat: Listings Free Sample11:05Section 9: The hAtom
Microformat: Syndicated Content Free Sample03:15Section 10: Conclusion
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