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									A close look at the Creativity of Illustrator Pasquale
									The fantastic work of Pasquale with a Showcase, Interview and
a Give-away
Every now and then we all come across a designer who takes us by
surprise, and reminds us what it means to truly be a creative person.
This is exactly how I felt when nearly 2 years ago I came across the
work of Pasquale D’Silva.  
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									Revisited: Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress
									Custom Write Panels a year later. More efficient and
Almost a year ago (wow, time flies!) I wrote a little tutorial
explaining the nuances of add_meta_box in WordPress, and how it can be
used to create some nifty Custom Write Panels. It was a nice little
script, and still functioned great. I use it on almost all of the
projects Liam and I have, and up to this point, it has been great.
However, for an upcoming project, I foresaw some problems.  
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									Beautiful Post Thumbnails: Top Examples & Best Practices
									Advantages of creating a beautiful thumbnail to compliment
your blog post
Your blog post thumbnail will play a big part in how your users see
your website, and how they navigate it. A well designed post thumbnail
can really engage your visitors and help encourage them to explore
your website.   
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									The Envato Marketplaces Re-Design: Our Involvement
									We Run Through our Involvement in the Project and show some
early drafts
We’ve recently had the pleasure once again of working with
Collis Ta’eed and the team at Envato, a company we admire - and
one full of creative & down to earth guys - running a very
successful network of sites. Having them use your icons on their
site(s) is one thing, but working with them is a true honor.  
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									178 Free Icons: WooFunction Free Icon Set goes Live
									You love icons. We know - So here is a new free set of 178
fabulous icons
A really great set of icons for free. Something that you’ve seen
before on this blog, but I think this most recent free set shows just
how far I’ve come since the first set, just over a year ago now.
This new set of icons was made exclusively for WooThemes & with
their help we’ve proud to offer you this fantastic set of icons
for absolutely nothing!  
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									Daily Edition: Re-Inventing a WooThemes Classic
									Daily Edition WP Theme - Introducing A modern twist on a
Woothemes Classic
Any WooThemes fan will be familiar with their popular Gazette Edition
theme, but for 2009 they wanted something that would push the Gazette
Edition theme forward with a more modern, stylish and minimal design.
They contacted us about the fantastic project and we gladly accepted.
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									226 Brilliant Freelance & Work Related Icons Available
									Invoices, Money, Projects, Gallery, Contracts, Shopping
Basket & Many more
For this icon set we’ve focused on icons based around freelance
and office work, this set contains everything from invoices &
contracts, to noticeboards and project folders. For a full
understanding of the variety of icons on offer make sure to check the
full preview image.  
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									40 Cute Free Twitter Graphics: Badges, Icons &
									Free pack of twitter badges, buttons, icons and banners free
for any use
We’ve put together this free set of unique twitter graphics.
Simply drag and drop the various graphics, icons, badges and buttons
into your work free of charge. There really is no limit to what you
can do with this brilliant set, lovingly designed by Pasquale
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									Free Social Media Icons & 275 New Premium App Icons
									A beautiful Free set of unique social media icons & a new
premium icon set
To promote our new application icon set with 275 fantastic icons
we’re giving away this free unique set of social media icons.
The free Social media icons are available to everyone, and a nice
little bonus for anyone buying the full set.   
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									Exclusive look at the New Outlaw Design Blog Re-Design
									One of our favourite sites gets a fresh new look and we get
the first look
Danny Outlaw has given us an advanced preview of his re-designed
Outlaw Design Blog. And I’ve got to say it looks fantastic,
Danny talks us through the process & reasons behind it, and what
we can expect from the new design, and in fact the new Blog, as his
re-vamp goes further than just a fresh new look.   
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									How to Spot Quality within Web Design: Examples & Tips
									Some great examples and tips on what makes a quality web or
blog design
Quality is a word that a lot of people like to use when describing
their web design services. But what is quality, how do you know if a
design is quality or not. Well, I think that there’s quite a few
ways to spot quality within web designs. Once you can see just what
goes into making a quality web design, you can use the techniques to
perfect your own style.  
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									Danny Outlaw Talks Personal Branding & Promotion: Tips
on How to Get Yourself Out There
									Tips on Building your own personal brand and getting a name
for yourself
Starting out as a designer, or blogger isn’t always easy. The
hardest part is promoting yourself & your blog. Danny Outlaw, from
Outlaw Design Blog talks us through how he tackled the problem, and
gives us some seriously useful and true tips to help you build your
own personal brand. Danny is re-launching his blog soon, and talks us
through his strategy of building his brand.  
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									Portfolio: 3 Application Icons for MacRumors New Software
Bundle (BunnyBundle)
									We worked with Macrumors to create some icons for their apps
We’re excited to announce that we’ve worked with the
biggest mac website & forum around, MacRumors, designing some
icons for a new Mac Software Bundle they have released recently. Take
a look at the software bundle and see their range of innovative new
products for Mac users.  
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									Icon Set Giveaway Results & Some Graphic River News
Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on the icons, and ideas for
future sets. We’re very happy with how things went. Right now we
have the Highest Rated, and the Most Downloaded icon set on Graphic
River, and the 3rd most popular file overall.  
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									Function Premium Icon Set: A Set of 148 Great New Icons
& GraphicRiver Giveaway
									Our new icon set is now available and we are giving away 10
sets free
We’ve been working hard to create these beautiful icons
exclusively for GraphicRiver. They are a great addition if you already
have our free icon set, they are done in a similar style and could be
used together. The new icons are a lot more refined and clean, with a
lot more new icons that may have been missing from the first set.
Check them out and let us know what you think.  
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providing a website that will impress on first looks, and continue to
impress as you explore it.
							We make it as easy as possible for you to look after once we've
finished. So if you're after a website or blog design to freshen up
you're site we're more than happy to help.

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