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Therion song lyrics
Other songs
                A Suburb to HellAsgardAsphyxiate With FearBaal
ReginonBabylonBeyond SanctorumBirth Of Venus IlegitimaBirth of Venus
IllegitimaBlackBlack DiamondsBlack FairyBlack SunChildren of the
DamnedClavicula NoxCrazy NightsCrowning of AtlantisCults Of The
ShadowDark EternityDark Princess NaamahDarkness EveDawn of
PerishnessDeggialDown the qliphothic tunnelDown the qliphothic tunnel
IIDraconian TrilogyEmerald CrownEnter the Depths of Eternal
DarknessEnter the voidsEnter transcendental sleep IIEnter Vril
YaEternal ReturnEvocation of VovinEye Of ShivaFlesh Of The
GodsFloating back IIFly to the RainbowFrom the Dionysian DaysGenocidal
RaidsHelheimHere Come the TearsHere comes the tearsHexentanzHo Dracon
Ho MegasIllusions of LifeIn RemembranceIn the Desert of
SetInterludiumInvocation of NaamahJotunheimLepaca KliffothLet the New
Day BeginLjusalfheimMark Of CainMegalomaniaMelezMidgardMorbid
RealityMorning StarMuspelheimNifelheimNightSide Of EdenO FortunaOpus
EclipsePandemonic OutbreakPathsPowerdancePreludiumProcreation Of
EternityRaven of DispersionRiders of TheliSeawindSeawindsSecrets Of
The RunesSeven Secrets Of The SphinxShip Of LunaSummer Night
CitySymphoni Drakonis InferniSymphony of the DeadThe Beauty in
BlackThe Eye of EclipseThe fall into eclipseThe Flesh Of The GodsThe
InvincibleThe OpeningThe PathThe ReturnThe Rise Of Sodom And
GomorrahThe Rise of Sodom and GomorrhaThe Ritualdance of the
YezidisThe Siren Of The WoodsThe Veil of Golden SpheresThe WayThe Wild
HuntThe Wings of the HydraThorTime Shall TellTo Mega TherionTo
MegatherionTyrants of the DamnedUnder Jolly RogerUp to netzach
IIVanaheimWine Of Aluqah Lemuria
                Abraxas Vovin
                 Crowing of Atlantis
                Crazy Nights (Loudness cover) 	
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