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		      					Welcome to the public section of Arthur De Vany's
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Arthur De Vany is a scientist/athlete and the creator of Evolutionary
Fitness. He is Professor Emeritus of the University of California in
economics and mathematical behavioral sciences who is best known for
his research in decentralized, complex economic systems and the author
of more than 100 scientific articles and books. He is the author of
the most acclaimed book on the movie industry, Hollywood Economics,
and of the forthcoming book on the EF diet, The New Evolution Diet.
His biography is published in Who's Who in the World. A former
professional athlete and life-long student of exercise and metabolism,
he is a living example of what he teaches at the age of 72 he is 6'1",
205 pounds, and has less than 8% body fat.His beautiful, 72 year old
wife is the creator of the New Evolution Cuisine and you will find
many pictures and recipes of her meals inside the private
site.Evolutionary Fitness is the superior technology for attaining
health, a lean body, and a more peaceful mind. EF, as we call it, uses
methods that are true to our genes to express the health and longevity
that are our rightful genetic heritage. Most of the chronic diseases
humans suffer from today --- diabetes, heart disease, obesity,
inflammatory diseases, cancer, depression, aging --- are novel to
modern humans and were not part of our evolutionary heritage. These
diseases are primarily diseases of metabolism and can often be
reversed or avoided by attaining a healthful metabolism with a strong,
lean body.A key component of EF is Power Law technology, the superior
way to exercise. Brief moments of high intensity are mixed with
exercise on all scales in a way that trains all the metabolic
pathways. Power Law training follows the natural patterns of all wild
living things and mixes intensities of all scales in a healthful,
fractal pattern. It is how children play when they are left to their
natural patterns which is shown in the figure below.In this figure you
see that there are longer moments (proportion of time on the left
scale) of low intensity (intensity on the horizontal scale) as well as
brief moments of very high intensity (far out to the right on the
horizontal scale and low on the time scale) with variation over the
whole range in the play of children. The movements of predators is
virtually identical. The average is meaningless and the compressed
variety of the normal distribution is not a natural pattern.Please
read the testimonials, which can be see by clicking in the sidebar, to
learn more about the results our members have attained in following
Evolutionary Fitness. You are more than welcome to join our active and
very intelligent and helpful community of EFers. 

						   	Recent articles
						   				Speed and training
		              						(in: Sports)
		            						 Mar 28, 2010          
		                    			How you train does alter your speed. This
article pertains to baseball players in MLB. Of course, as you may
guess, it obliquly kills the connection between bat speed and weight
training to gain mass---the alleged connection between steroids and
home runs.
						   				Power Law Training Does Increase FT-x Fibers
		              						(in: Power Law Training)
		            						 Mar 28, 2010          
		                    			The power law training I developed uses
intense, brief exercise, done randomly and with intervals of rest.
During the rest periods the fastest of the fast twitch muscle fibers
are over-developed. Too frequent training makes you slower because the
slower FT-a fibers are over-developed. Burst-rest training is best
and, why wouldn't you do it since it takes a lot less time.
						   				Specificity of speed, acceleration, and agility in
		              						(in: Sports)
		            						 Mar 28, 2010          
		                    			From the abstract of Little and Williams.
Specificity of acceleration, maximum speed and agility in professional
soccer players. Journal of strength and conditioning research (2005)
vol. 19 (1) pp. 76-78 comes the conclusion that these are separate
aspects of athletic performance. When you add the cognitive aspects,
another skill for elite level performance, it is becoming clearer that
there is little transfer from one aspect to another.Let me add, in
view of my upcoming Podcast on CafeHayek on home runs, how this
undermines the issue of steroids, even if they have an effect on
strength, to skilled power hitting.
						   				Diabetes in China
		              						(in: Diabetes)
		            						 Mar 25, 2010          
		                    			Remember how many diet studies looked at the
Chinese and their low body weight and fat and then told us to eat like
they do? Big problem. China is seeing exploding obesity and diabetes.
						   				Hollywood's Broke
		              						(in: The Movies)
		            						 Mar 25, 2010          
		                    			Lawrence Meyers has an excellent, 8 part,
series at Big Hollywood that bears reading.
						   				Steroids Again
		              						(in: Sports)
		            						 Mar 25, 2010          
		                    			This issue will come up again. Partly because
of my recent interview on CafeHayek with Russ Roberts and partly
because there may be prosecutions in the future. The impending
publication of my paper Steroids, Home Runs, and the Law of Genius in
Economic Inquiry may also add some interest, though the paper has
already had wide exposure.
						   				Does obesity save us from ourselves?
		              						(in: Metabolism)
		            						 Mar 23, 2010          
		                    			I have long propounded the theory that
insulin resistance and obesity are not illnesses, per se, but devices
our body uses to protect us from poor food and inactivity.
						   				Insulin Testing
		              						(in: Insulin)
		            						 Mar 19, 2010          
		                    			The units differ in tests.
						   				BMI and Mortality
		              						(in: Death)
		            						 Mar 18, 2010          
		                    			I have a BMI of 26.4, just above the
overweight boundary according to the accepted standards. Guess what?
That makes my risk of all-cause mortality lower than the underweight,
normal, or obese categories.
						   				Is Insulin Needed for Muscle Growth?
		              						(in: Muscle)
		            						 Mar 17, 2010          
		                    			Everybody says that ingesting carbs with
amino acids is the best way to make muscle grow. Not true.
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   Art's Lectures on a set of four DVDs on the
theory and practice of Evolutionary Fitness. This is the most
comprehensive discussion of EF available until Art's book, The New
Evolution Diet, is published. The DVDs include all the lecture slides
as a PowerPoint presentation. There is a Question and Answer session
at the end."The DVDs arrived last night. I think went through the
four discs without stopping. This is some of the most interesting
work I have ever seen.""I was introduced to the EF theory through my
brother and have adopted it as a lifestyle for the past 6 months. It's
been amazing - I truly admire your rigorous logical analyses - it's
made my life a lot more efficient-Thank you! and that's a cool
profile pic :)"

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