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		Internet Jokes Category:All our jokes listing within the internet
jokes category are listed below. Click on any of the items to view the
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		1.   Category: Internet jokes  Can you
show me how to use the Internet?Id better - otherwise youll just go
round and round in circles....
more2.   Category: Internet jokes  Did
you know pillows have their own website?Really? Well you could knock
me down with a feather!...
more3.   Category: Internet jokes  Did
you like at first....but it grew on me!...
more4.   Category: Internet jokes  Do
you enjoy websurfing?No way! my mum warned me to stay away from the
net!... more5.   Category: Internet
jokes  Do you like surfing the net?Oh yes, Ive really taken
a shine to it. (Moon to Sun)...
more6.   Category: Internet jokes  Do
you like web jokes?Yes - theyre e-larious!...
more7.   Category: Internet jokes  Do
you want some help using the Internet, son?No thanks, Dad, I can muck
it up all by myself....
more8.   Category: Internet
jokes  Doctor, doctor, I feel like Im part of the
Internet!Well, you do look a site...
more9.   Category: Internet
jokes  Doctor, doctor, should I surf the Internet on an
empty stomach?No, you should do it on a computer....
more10.   Category: Internet jokes  Does
your dog know how how to surf the internet?No - but hes got a ruff
idea.... more11.   Category: Internet
jokes  Does your mum like shopping on the Internet?No, the
trolley keeps rolling off the top of the computer....
more12.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you got the address of the butter website?Yes, but dont spread it
around.... more13.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you heard that theres a new mountain
website?Really? I must take a peak at it!...
more14.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen, I just cant remember....
more15.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen, and quite honestly I cant be bothered....
more16.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen, I found it very absorbing....
more17.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen www.boomerang .com?Yes, I return to it again and again....
more18.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen, but its not all its cracked up to
be.... more19.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you seen, Im afraid that one
passed me by.... more20.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you seen, but its a load of
rubbish.... more21.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you seen, its already caught my
eye.... more22.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you seen and no....
more23.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen, but I found it very difficult to get
into.... more24.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you seen, but it
took ages to find.... more25.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you seen, but I really
couldnt see what all the fuss is about....
more26.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen not sure, but certainly rings a bell....
more27.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen, but it hasnt sunk in yet....
more28.   Category: Internet jokes  Have
you seen, but it doesnt really stand
out.... more29.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you seen, itss no
great shakes!... more30.   Category: Internet
jokes  Have you seen, I havent got around
to it.... more		
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