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Easton Corbin, This Far From Memphis Lyrics

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Artist: Corbin Easton
Song: This Far From Memphis
Album: Easton Corbin

Easton Corbin 
Sheet Music
Easton Corbin 

She said goodbye in Tallahassee
I just crawled in my truck
Set my mind on Miami
And my sights on better luck

Ainít a man deserves to hurt like this
Itís a lonely place, it sure is
Guess I never really knew the blues
Ever got this far from Memphis

All the night life and the beaches
Couldnít soothe my achiní soul
And how I ended up in Key West
God and the liquor only know

Repeat Chorus

Now Iíve run out of road
So I guess my only hope
Is to trade this truck for a boat

Repeat Chorus

Ever got this far from Memphis
Man, Iím a long ways from Memphis

[Thanks to Elizabeth for lyrics]

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