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											The Rocket Summer
          The Rocket Summer is a one man band. Literally. The Rocket
Summer frontman (well…only man) Bryce Avary sings vocals in addition
to playing guitar, bass, piano, violin, drums, and a plethora of other
instruments during recording sessions for his band, though he tours
live with a group of high school friends. As impressive as this is, it
is even more impressive how good it sounds. Bryce’s expressive,
falsetto vocals float above restrained drums, lilting piano lines, and
passionate power pop guitar chords so effortlessly that you’d hardly
imagine every aspect of his music was recorded independently and
spliced together in post-production.

Raised in Corleyville, Texas, Bryce started playing guitar, then began
playing other instruments in middle school. At age 16, after gaining
regional popularity by performing in shows around Dallas, Bryce
released his first self titled solo album to local music stores.
Naming his “band” The Rocket Summer (after a short story in a 1950
science fiction novel by Ray Bradbury), the album sold well and The
Rocket Summer became a popular request on Texas radio station KDGE.

Following positive coverage in music magazines, Bryce released his
first full-length album, Calendar Days, in 2003, under an independent
California label. The album sold relatively well, with Bryce’s
uplifting vocals and expert musicianship shining through on tracks
like Skies So Blue. A devout Christian, Bryce’s lyrics are
inspirational and family friendly without being overtly preachy.

His next two albums, 2005's Hello, Good Friend and 2007's Do You Feel,
are even more musically complex than Calendar Days. Using brass
instruments, violins, and even his little sister’s 6th grade
orchestra, these albums mix Bryce’s expressive, operatic vocals (Rat
Pack)  with music that is decidedly more aggressive (So Much Love) and
daring than on Calendar Days. The Rocket Summer, along with tourmates
Anberlin and Switchfoot, have become involved with To Write Love On
Her Arms, a Florida-based nonprofit group dedicated to dealing with
teen depression and substance abuse, and are touring aggressively in
support of TRLOHA across America throughout 2008.
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                                    The Rocket Summer Videos
														The Rocket Summer
														So Much Love
														The Rocket Summer
														Brat Pack
														The Rocket Summer
														Skies So Blue
														The Rocket Summer
														This Is Me
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