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         	You And Me Lyrics
             			Lyrics » Artist - F  » Foxy Shazam lyrics
» Foxy Shazam Lyrics  » You And Me Lyrics
                     	Song details
                         	 Title:You And Me
                             Artist:Foxy Shazam
	                             Album:Foxy Shazam	                      

                     	Foxy Shazam Lyrics
                        	Foxy Shazam Lyrics
                                                 You And Me Ringtones

                                 	Foxy Shazam - You And Me Lyrics
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	And through the years we've stayed together*
Friends we've made, but love always change with age
Like weather rains the pain it fades

And with out the rain we'll dry, we'll wither up and die
Just like those lonely desert plains the cowboys ride

And in this moment both our eyes are lined
And I can feel you more than ever before
And all the world just disappears

And in that moment I am Adam, you are Eve
Lancelot and Guinevere and all our past is history
You and me, you and me

[ Foxy Shazam Lyrics are found on ]
And some die young and some die old
Every one a chance to hold a love they find
And find the heart of another soul that's left alone

And baby when you cry, we'll sit down side by side
And I will hold you in my arms 'til you're alright

And in this moment both our eyes are lined
And I can feel you more than ever before
And all the world just disappears

And in that moment I am Adam, you are Eve
Lancelot and Guinevere and all our past is history
You and me (is all I see), you and me (is all I see)

	And through the years we've stayed together*
Friends we've made, but love always change with age
Like weather rains the pain it fades

rm_songtitle = 'You And Me';
rm_artist = 'Foxy Shazam';

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