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Ringtone to your Cell Sexbomb lyricsAw, aw baby, yeahOoh yea, huh,
listen to thisSpy on me, baby, use satelliteInfrared to see me move
through the nightAim gonna fire shoot me rightAim gonna like the way
you fightAnd I love the way you fightNow you found the secret codeI
use to wash away my lonely blues wellSo I can't deny or lie 'cause
you're the only oneWho can make me flySex bomb, sex bomb, you're a sex
bomb uh, huhYou can give it to me when I need to come along, give it
to meSex bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex bombAnd baby, you can turn me
on, baby, you can turn me onYou know what you're doing to me, don't
you?Ha ha, I know you doNo, don't get me wrong, ain't gonna do you no
harm, noThis bombs made for lovin' and you can shoot it farI'm your
main target, come and help me ignite owLove struck holding you tight
hold me tight darlin'Make me explode although you knowThe route to go
to sex me slow, slow, babyAnd yes, I must react to claims of thoseWho
say that you are not all that huh, huh, huhSex bomb, sex bomb, you're
a sex bombYou can give it to me when I need to come alongSex bomb, sex
bomb, you're my sex bombAnd baby, you can turn me on turn me on,
darlin'Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex bomb, sex bombYou can give it
to me when I need to come alongSex bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex
bombAnd baby, you can turn me onYou can give me more and more counting
up the score, yeahYou can turn me upside down, inside outYou can make
me feel the real deal, uh, uhI can give it to you any time because
you're mineOuch, sex bomb, aw babySex bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex
bombAnd you can give it to meWhen I need to be turned on, no, noSex
bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex bombAnd baby, you can turn me on, turn
me onAnd baby, you can turn me on, turn me onBaby, you can turn me on,
turn me onOoh baby, you can turn me on, turn me onBaby, you can turn
me on, ohBaby, you can turn me on, ohBaby, you can turn me onWell
baby, you can turn me on© EDITION MERG MUSIC; Send "Sexbomb" Ringtone
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