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"Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise"
"Misc Unsigned Bands"

"Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise"
"Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise"
 Misc Unsigned Bands - Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise Guitar Tab
    Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise Tab
    Intro, guitar 1

repeat once, except on second time add power chords.

Verse: [Heavyly palm muted]

[Bbm]She's been living in a[F#] basement down [C#] by the railroad
tracks.[G#] [Bbm] Her dreams
have [F#]all left the station the [C#]kids have all turned their
backs[G#]. [Bbm]She lies
in bed [F#]and remembers when the [C#] moon it climbed so high[G#].
[Bbm]But with a spoon
and a [F#]needle, [C#](Slowly stop palm muting] she never has to leave
the sky[G#][G#7].

Refrain: [Bbm]Superman is [F#]killing himself tonight,[C#]
[Bbm]I'm selling my soul to [F#]be in the spotlight,[C#]
holly[G#]wise, holly[Bbm]wise. [Bbm]

Verse: [Palm muted again]
[Bbm] He's been living with his[F#] momma, [C#]since the market
[G#]crashed. [Bbm]His wife
ran out[F#] with the doctor, [C#]when he ran out on cash[G#]. [Bbm]So
now one hand[F#]holds
the bottle the [C#]other cradles the .44[G#]
[Bbm]Two more [F#]shots and it's over,[C#] he just couldn't hang on
[G#]no more[G#7].

"Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise"
"Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise"
"Misc Unsigned Bands" "Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise" "39380752"

     Misc Unsigned Bands - Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise TabBlactop
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Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise Tab!
Blactop Manhattan - Hollywise Tab, 

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