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"Chase This City - Stay"
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"Chase This City - Stay"
"Chase This City - Stay"
 Misc Unsigned Bands - Chase This City - Stay Guitar Tab
    Chase This City - Stay Chords
    Artist: Chase This City
Song: Stay
Album: Stay EP (2009), All That's on Your Mind (2011)

This is just a song called Stay from my band that I decided to post
the chart for, for 
reference for some fans. Check us out at the links above. Thanks for

Here's all the chords used in the song. Pretty simple. I called that
one suspended chord 
'G#/A', but I'm not sure if it's the right name or not. I just used
that because the 
bass note is a G#.

C#m       A        B        Ab/B       E

Capo 3 (all chords relative to the capo)

Intro: C#m A B Ab/A A B (x2)

Verse 1: C#m A B Ab/A A B
Just keep repeating this progression up until the chorus. The
strumming pattern changes 
halfway through, but it's very easy to catch.

C#m         A               B
Just so you know you're the one and only reason
  Ab/A              A          B
I haven't left this dead-end town.
C#m          A             B
Not that the others aren't important
                            Ab/A    A       B
but compared to you they're always letting me down.
C#m        A            B
And yes, I do know what I am missing.
  Ab/A           A          B
I still want to get out of here
C#m        A                B
Sometime soon, but it's the presence of you
     Ab/A          A               B
that keeps me from regretting this year.

(Continue same progression)
And If you don't know what to say, don't say anything at all.
Just know I made my own mistake. I took a risk and took a fall.
Now these walls are closing in, and as I'm trying to escape,
I'm so afraid this time away has pulled the life from me.


E      A        B      A
So maybe you could stay
     E     A        B     A
for just a few more days.
    E       A       B     A
You mean so much to me,
     E       A      B     A
it's hard to even explain.
            B                             A
When you're gone I'll fall asleep by your picture,
               B          A
although it's never near enough.
                B              A
I'll sing this song when I am dying,
                  B                    A
and I'll hold you close when times get tough.

Whoas - Same as chorus

Verse 2 - Same as verse 1
Any time you need me, you know that I'll be here.
I'll try my best to help you and I'll wipe away those tears.
And all that I ask in return is just stay by my side.
I'll forgive your weaknesses if you look past mine.

Repeat chorus
Repeat "Whoas" x2

End with Intro.


"Chase This City - Stay"
"Chase This City - Stay"
"Misc Unsigned Bands" "Chase This City - Stay" "39380752"

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