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  Came To My Rescue Chords (ver 5) - Hillsongs

"Came To My Rescue"

"Came To My Rescue"
"Came To My Rescue"
 Hillsongs - Came To My Rescue (ver 5) Guitar Tab
    Came To My Rescue Chords
    If you've looked at my guitar tab, I capo 4. So this is what your
bass would play. There
a cool bass line in the bridge, you (or your bass player) will have to
figure that one 
by ear, mine did. GOOD JOB BEN!!! YEAH SON!

Came To My Rescue (For standard tuning-- Piano, Bass )
G#  D#  F  C#  G#  D#  F  C#
Verse 1:
G#                  D#
Falling on my knees in worship
F             C#                 G#
Giving all I am to seek Your face
        D#              F              C#
Lord all I am is is Yours
Verse 2:
G#                    D#
My whole life I place in Your hands
F             C#               G#
God of mercy Humbled I bow down
          G#                    F               C#
In your presence at Your throne
     G#          D#   F
I called You answered
         C#                      G#
And You came to my rescue and I,
               D#      F                    C#
I wanna be where You are
  G#  D#  F  C#
F              D#    G#
In my life be lifted high
                     D#   F
In our world be lifted high
               G#          C#  D#  (C#)
In our love be lifted high

"Came To My Rescue"
"Came To My Rescue"
"Hillsongs" "Came To My Rescue" "39380752"
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Came To My Rescue Came To My Rescue Chords, 

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