Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (2007)

       1. March Into The Sea 2. Dashboard 3. Fire It Up 4. Florida 5. Parting Of The Sensory [Explicit] 6. Missed The Boat 7. We've Got Everything 8. Fly Trapped In A Jar 9. Education [Explicit] 10. Little Motel 11. Steam Engenius 12. Spitting Venom [Explicit]
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  Chords and Tabs:  Dead By April


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   Calling (ver 2) Chords

   Calling Chords

   Calling Tab

   Crossroads Chords

   Erased Chords

   Falling Behind Tab

   Found Myself In You Chords

   Found Myself In You Tab

   Incomparable Tab

   Last Goodbye Chords

   Loosing You Chords

   Losing You (ver 2) Chords

   Losing You Chords

   Losing You Tab

   More Than Yesterday Tab

   My Saviour Chords

   Mystery Chords

   Promise Me (ver 2) Chords

   Promise Me Acoustic (ver 3) Chords

   Promise Me Acoustic (ver 4) Chords

   Promise Me Acoustic Chords

   Promise Me Chords

   Sorry For Everything Chords

   Trapped Chords

   Trapped Tab

   What Can I Say Chords

   When You Wake Up Acoustic Chords

   When You Wake Up Chords
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