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    Gatekeeper Chords
    ei guys, one of eraserheads' song at their album fruitcake.
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(R. Marasigan)
Intro: (Bass and drums)
Chorus 1
 Ab              Ebm
 Gatekeeper, gatekeeper
   C#          B, F#, G
 Please let us in with her
 Ab Ebm C#
(Chorus 1 chords)
 I have been here when this town was born
 Secrets I won, to keep I have sworn
 If you have none, then go flee away
 Bring me new tidings
 And see me some other day
 Heed my will
 Heed my will.
Repeat Chorus 2x
(Chorus 1 chords)
 Then they returned so soon from their quest
 Lost boys of town, came back with a guest
 She was no Druid but if you incite
 She had some stories
 So odd to Bobo's delight
 Heed my will
 Heed my will.
  Ab        B
 Takes so unordinary
  F#         C#
 Alien and strange
 She talked about yuletide
 War and corruption
 F#               C#
 Nuclear gift exchange
 Talked about crime
 Slime from the grapevine
 F#           C#
 Now I am inclined to let you
Ab       Ebm          C#
 Let you in  with her
                 Ab Ebm C#
 Because I'm the gatekeeper.
Chorus 2: (Chorus 1 chords)
 Gatekeeper, gatekeeper
 You can come in with her
(Repeat to fade)

"Eraserheads" "Gatekeeper" "39380752"
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    About the artist behind Gatekeeper Chords:   
     The Eraserheads, Eraserheads, or E-Heads was a prominent Pinoy
rock band of the 1990s, formed by Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan,
Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro. The band is one of the most successful,
critically-acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of Original
Pinoy Music,[1] giving them the title "The Beatles of the
Philippines."[1][2] The Eraserheads was also said to open the second
wave of band invasion,[3] paving the way for other alternative rock
bands[4] such as Rivermaya, The Youth, Teeth, Siakol, Grin Department,
Parokya ni Edgar and Yano.The band released more than several
different singles, albums, and EPs that reached number one. This
commercial success was most evident in the release of their third
album Cutterpillow, which achieved platinum status several times. The
Eraserheads are one the best-selling musical acts of all time in the
Philippines, paving way for an international career that earned them
the "Moon Man" in the MTV Video Music Awards.Their diverse music
worked both in the underground and mainstream scenes of the Philippine
music industry. By fusing different musical styles such as
alternative, pop, rock, reggae, and synthpop the Eraserheads helped
change the sound of Pinoy rock.Indexed at Wikipedia.      
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