Toto Falling In Between Live (2008)

       1. Falling In Between 2. King of the World 3. Pamela 4. Botom Of Your Soul 5. Caught In The Balance 6. Don't Chain My Heart 7. Hold The Line 8. Stop Loving You 9. Ill Be Over You 10. Cruel 11. Greg's Solo 1. Rosanna 2. I'll Supply The Love 3. Isolation
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  Much Like Falling Tab - Flyleaf

"Much Like Falling"

"Much Like Falling"
"Much Like Falling"
 Flyleaf - Much Like Falling Guitar Tab
    Much Like Falling Tab
    i couldn't find tabs for this i tried to make some, i
think they're right...if
aren't...they are close i think
Much Like Falling - Flyleaf

[bass plays intro]

[when I said good morning...]

Chorus Intro: x1         Chorus: x2
     ......              [it feels so much like falling...]
[so I keep waking up]

 [I don't wanna be here...]
|-9-----10----7----5----12----|  |-5------|  |-9-------2--2-2-2222-|
|-12----13----10---8----15----|  |-8------|  |-12------5--5-5-5555-|
|-11----12----9----7----14----|x2|-7------|  |-11------4--4-4-4444-|x2
|-9--x3-10-x3-7-x3-5-x3-12-x3-|  |-5--x16-|  |-9---0---2--2-2-2222-|
|-9-----10----7----5----12----|  |-5------|  |-9---0---2--2-2-2222-|
|-9-----10----7----5----12----|  |-5------|  |-9---0---2--2-2-2222-|
 ...light muting.............                                ....
[there's still so much to know...]           [you grip my wrists, I
let go]
Chorus: x4

[far away from here]

"Much Like Falling"
"Much Like Falling"
"Flyleaf" "Much Like Falling" "39380752"
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    About the artist behind Much Like Falling Tab:   
     Flyleaf is an American rock band that formed in Belton[1] and
Temple, Texas[2] region in 2000. They performed around the United
States in 2003 until releasing their eponymous debut album, Flyleaf,
in 2005. The band won an online poll on and was named
Yahoo!'s Who's Next band of the month in March 2006 and they were
named MTV's artist of the week on December 24, 2007.[4][5]Indexed at
Much Like Falling Tab!
Much Like Falling Tab, 

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