Groove Coverage is a German Euro-trance band. The Groove Coverage
project consists of Axel Konrad, DJ Novus, Melanie Munch better known
as Mell (lead singer), and Verena Rehm (former stage performer,
backing singer, occasional lead singer). The band has had hits around
the world, especially in Germany, and have had radio play in North
America, especially with the song Poison. They have produced popular
remixes of several songs, including "Love is an Angel" by Sylver,
"Come With Me" by Special D, and "Ass Up!" by Baracuda.Groove Coverage
has published three official albums in Germany, Covergirl (2002), 7
Years and 50 Days (2004) and 21st Century (2006). They have also
published a Best Of album (2005), and a special Canadian SPG Music
release entitled Groove Coverage, which includes their greatest hits
in Canada. In the United States, they have an album called Groove
Coverage: Greatest Hits.Several of the band's songs have been cover
versions, or reimagined conversions of other songs. Groove Coverage
released a cover version of Mike Oldfield's "Moonlight Shadow", as
well as a dance cover of Alice Cooper's "Poison". In their most recent
album, 21st Century, they released a version of Bad Religion's 21st
Century Digital Boy, titled 21st Century Digital Girl. This used the
same basic format of the previous version, but changed the lyrics to
reflect the difference in the eponymous subject of the song (referring
to things like breast implants and Botox injections).The group
released three singles prior to their most recent album 21st
Century:"Holy Virgin", an English cover-version of the song "Fata
Morgana", originally performed by the Austrian Group Erste Allgemeine
Verunsicherung in 1986"On The Radio", a cover of "Mann im Mond" by Die
Prinzen21st Century Digital Girl, a replica to Bad Religion's 21st
Century Digital Boy.Before the release of the first single, another
Groove Coverage-track named "On the Radio" was leaked to internet file
sharing platforms in several different versions. This song was not the
track of the same name from the album. This was an attempt to hinder
file sharing of the actual single by "poisoning" the networks with a
different song of the same name. The decoy track appears on the album
under the title of "Let it Be".On the 14th of August 2007, the group
announced on their website that a new single and album will be
released soon. Also, the music video for the new single will be shot
on the 3rd of October and on the 6th.Indexed at Wikipedia.  


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