Hot Water Music is a post-hardcore band from Gainesville, Florida.
The members of the band are Chuck Ragan, Chris Wollard, Jason Black,
and George Rebelo. HWM first formed in 1993. In 1996, after releasing
two EPs and a full-length album, the band briefly disbanded, but soon
reformed, announcing their continuation as Hot Water Music at the
concert recorded for Live at the Hardback. In late 2005, Hot Water
Music stated they were going on a hiatus following Chuck Ragan's
departure to care for his family. On May 13, 2006 however, the hiatus
became permanent and Hot Water Music officially disbanded. The three
remaining members have started a new project, The Draft, whose first
album, In a Million Pieces, was released on September 12, 2006. Chuck
Ragan also continues with a more low-key music career, releasing
material through No Idea Records and Side One Dummy Records. He is
currently signed to the latter.Hot Water Music's sound is
characterised by the dual vocalists, improvised guitar playing and an
extremely tight and complex rhythm section, and Jason Black and George
Rebelo grew up playing jazz together. In the band's early records,
Chuck would sing the majority of the songs with Chris doing backing
vocals, and sometimes lead vocals. Later, the vocalists would perform
in a duet fashion, which some would argue is their best work, whereas
on the later records, Chris Wollard would handle most of the vocals,
with Chuck doing backups and a share of his own songs. Ragan's voice
is a deeper and raspier voice, whereas Wollard's is more high pitched
and melodic, though both vocalists are very dynamic and can sing
softer.There are currently plans to release a collection of Hot Water
Music work on No Idea records, titled Till the Wheels Fall Off and
scheduled for January 22, 2008.[1] It will be a CD release and will
also be available on LP. According to Jason Black in an interview with
Alternative Press, the compilation will feature "a song [called
"Home"] that hasn't come out anywhere...it was one of two that didn't
make it [onto The New What Next]."The band's name was taken from the
book by Charles Bukowski of the same name.The band members have also
participated in many side projects. The three most popular of these
are Blacktop Cadence, Unitas and Rumbleseat.Indexed at Wikipedia.  


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