Ode To Lord Stanley Chords - Hawk Nelson

"Ode To Lord Stanley"
"Hawk Nelson"

"Ode To Lord Stanley"
"Ode To Lord Stanley"
 Hawk Nelson - Ode To Lord Stanley Guitar Tab
    Ode To Lord Stanley Chords
    Standard Tuning
Capo on 5th Fret

*This song is played on a ukulele, but it sounds quite close
**Use palm mute between each note (EXCEPT ON THE LAST THREE CHORDS)
***Strum each note twice (Strumming Pattern: down then up and you only
do that once)
*****Email me if their are any question, comments or corrections
^^Please put title something like "Question about song chords" or
something so 
that I don't delete it! I want to answer your questions^^

G D 
Hey folks, let me tell you somethin' 
I had a dream this afternoon, during my nap 
G                                           D    
     And I'm gonna share it with you right now, through song 
Em                   C          
       Tune her up boys 
G D    Em C
Oooh Oooh 
G D    Em C
Oooh Oooh 

      G            D            
Had another dream today 
      Em           C           
I gotta let it out 
     G              D         
The media has lost it's brain 
       Em         C                
What's this all about? 

The action, the drama, 
Has got me on my 
        Em                  C              
Seat's edge all the time 

 G            D                 
TSN's been on my screen 
              Em                  C    
Since I read the news last night 

         G D             
If it's true 
              Em             C           
Then can someone let me know 
        G D                     
I need proof 
                Em            C          
That this rumor's not a joke 

Is it a myth (a myth) 
a ledgend (a ledgend) 
An old wise tale 
         Em                C           
I guess I'll see it through 

If the Flames win Lord Stanley 
      C               G         
Then we all win it too
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"Ode To Lord Stanley"
"Ode To Lord Stanley"
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     Hawk Nelson - Ode To Lord Stanley ChordsOde To Lord Stanley     
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    About the artist behind Ode To Lord Stanley Chords:   
     Hawk Nelson is a band hailing from Peterborough, Ontario. The
band has become popular in the Christian music scene and was voted
"Favorite New Artist" by CCM Magazine in their February 2006 Reader's
Choice Awards.Indexed at Wikipedia.      
Ode To Lord Stanley Ode To Lord Stanley Chords, 

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