Promising Light Chords - Iron And Wine

"Promising Light"
"Iron And Wine"

"Promising Light"
"Promising Light"
 Iron And Wine - Promising Light Guitar Tab
    Promising Light Chords
    Artist: Iron and Wine
Song: Promising Light
Album: The Creek Drank the Cradle
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Tuning: EbAbDbGbBbeb (Half step down)
C              G    F                     C           G
time & all you gave i was the jerk who preferred the sea 
   C               G
to tussling in the waves 
F                           C               G
tugging your skirt, singing please, please, please 

    Am        G    F                              C      G
but now i see love tracked on the floor where you walked outside 
Am        G    F                       C            G
now i see love looking for you in this other girl's eyes 

time & all you took only my freedom to fuck the whole world 
promising not to look promising light on the sidewalk girls 

but now i see love there in your car where i said those things 
now i see love tugging your skirt, singing please, please, please 

Solo:( Banjo arranged for guitar)
     C       G          F           C     G
e|-------------------------------------------- -|
B|---------5---5--------------------5---------  |
G|---5---7---7---7----4-5-----4-5-7---7-5-7---  | 
D|------------------7-------------------------  |--Play 2 times, then
A|--------------------------------------------  |                     
E|-------------------------------------------- -|
     Am       G            F          C     G
e|----------------------------------------------- -|
B|-----------------------------------------------  |
G|------------7-----------------------7-9-7------  | 
D|---7---9-10---10-9--7--9-10----9-10-------10---  |--Play 2 times
A|-----------------------------------------------  |                  
E|----------------------------------------------- -|

time & all you gave there on your cross that i never saw 
well beyond the waves dunking my head when i heard you call 

but now i see love 
there in the scab where you pinched my leg 
now i see love 
there on your side of my empty bed

:Finish with first part of SOLO, twice:
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"Promising Light"
"Promising Light"
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Promising Light Promising Light Chords, 

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