John Lee Hooker (August 22, 1917 – June 21, 2001) was an
influential American post-war blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter
born in Coahoma County near Clarksdale, Mississippi. From a musical
family, he was a cousin of Earl Hooker. John was also influenced by
his stepfather, a local blues guitarist, who learned in Shreveport,
Louisiana to play a droning, one-chord blues that was strikingly
different from the Delta blues of the time.[1] John developed a
half-spoken style that was his trademark. Though similar to the early
Delta blues, his music was rhythmically free. John Lee Hooker could be
said to embody his own unique genre of the blues, often incorporating
the boogie-woogie piano style and a driving rhythm into his masterful
and idiosyncratic blues guitar and singing. His best known songs
include "Boogie Chillen" (1948) and "Boom Boom" (1962).Indexed at


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   Apologise Tab
   Boogie Chillun Tab

   Boom Boom Boom (ver 2) Tab
   Boom Boom Boom Tab

   Boom Boom Tab

   Chill Out Things Gonna Change Chords

   Dont Look Back Chords
   Green Onions Tab

   Im Bad Like Jesse James Tab
   Im In The Mood Tab

   Im Mad Again (ver 2) Tab
   Im Mad Again Tab
   One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer Tab

   Riff Tab

   Serves Me Right To Suffersyndicater Tab

   Shes Long Shes Tall She Weeps Like A Willow Tree Tab
   The Healer Tab

   The Waterfront Tab

   Tupelo (ver 2) Tab
   Tupelo Tab
   Whiskey And Wimmen Tab
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