Round Are Way Chords - Oasis

"Round Are Way"

"Round Are Way"
"Round Are Way"
 Oasis - Round Are Way Guitar Tab
    Round Are Way Chords
    Round are way

Round are way  - track 2 from the Wonderwall single

         G                     F       C9
1)  The paperboy is working before he goes,
     G                         F       C9
    Lying to the teacher he knows he knows,
    He didn't and he should've,
                  F        C9   G
    Brought his lines in yesterday.
2)  Ernie bangs the sound and the day begins,
    The letter box is open and your cash falls in,
    I'll meet you at the office,
    Just before the staff clock in.
     D7                          G
    Round are way the birds are singing,
     D7                             G    
    Round are way, the sun shines bright,
     D7                            C9
    Round are way, the birds sing for yer,
    Cos they already know yer,
                      Gm/Bb , Am , G
    They already know yer.
Intro (Chords as verses)

3)  The game is kicking off in around the park,
    Its twenty five aside and before its dark,
    Theres gonna be a loser,
    And you know the next goal wins.

4)  Cab it to the front, as it's called a draw,
    Everybodys knocking on yours once more,
    Ernie bangs the sound,
    And no-ones spoken since half past four.    

Instro (Chords as verses)
     D7                           G
    Round are way the birds are singing
     D7                           G    
    Round are way the sun shines bright
     D7                           G
    Round are way the birds are minging
     D7                   G
    Round are way its alright
     D7                           C9
    Round are way the birds sing for yer
    Cos they already know yer
                 Gm/Bb   Am , G 
    They already know yer


"Round Are Way"
"Round Are Way"
"Oasis" "Round Are Way" "39380752"
     Oasis - Round Are Way ChordsRound Are Way      People who played
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    About the artist behind Round Are Way Chords:   
     Oasis are an English rock band that formed in Manchester in 1991.
The group was formed by Liam Gallagher (lead vocals), Paul Arthurs
(guitar), Paul McGuigan (bass) and Tony McCarroll (drums), who were
soon joined by Liam's older brother Noel Gallagher (lead guitar,
vocals). Oasis have sold more than 50 million albums worldwide,[1] and
have had eight UK number one singles. The Gallagher brothers are the
band's leading songwriters and the only continual members. The present
lineup is completed by rhythm/lead guitarist and songwriter Gem
Archer, guitarist and songwriter Andy Bell and unofficial drummer Zak
Starkey.The band initially gained prominence performing on the
Manchester club circuit. They were signed to independent record label
Creation Records and afterwards released their debut album Definitely
Maybe in 1994. The following year, the band recorded (What's the
Story) Morning Glory? (1995) with their new drummer Alan White, whilst
rivalling with Britpop peers Blur in the charts. The Gallagher
brothers were featured regularly in tabloid newspapers for their
sibling rivalry and wild lifestyles, cultivating reputations both as
bad boys and as a band of the people. At the height of their fame,
Oasis' third album, Be Here Now (1997), became the fastest-selling
album in UK chart history, but lost much of its long-term appeal after
the initial hype and positive reception tempered.While recording their
fourth album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000) in 1999, Oasis
lost two founding members and suffered a notable decline in popularity
in America. The band added replacements Gem Archer and Andy Bell for
Heathen Chemistry (2002). Their sixth album Don't Believe the Truth
(2005) with Zak Starkey, despite turbulent recording, became their
best-selling and best-received album in a decade. The following year,
the band released a compilation album entitled Stop the Clocks. In
February 2007, Oasis received the BRIT Award for outstanding
contribution to music.The seventh studio album by the band is reported
to be complete and, although an official release date has not been
confirmed, both Liam and Noel Gallagher have been quoted as saying
that the album is due out in September 2008. [2] [3]Indexed at
Round Are Way Round Are Way Chords, 

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