Enemy Gene Chords - Of Montreal

"Enemy Gene"
"Of Montreal"

"Enemy Gene"
"Enemy Gene"
 Of Montreal - Enemy Gene Guitar Tab
    Enemy Gene Chords
    The new song from Kevin Barnes that will likely be featured on the
upcoming album False Priest.

G                 Bm
Love breaks the machine
             Em                      Bm
Everything's half apart, what can it mean?
          G                  Bm
How can I trust my fractious heart
                   Am            Bm7  Cm7
Knowing I have the enemy gene?

     G                 Bm
Ooh, love breaks the machine
             Em                        Bm
Everything's half in dream, how can it be?
           G                           Bm
Everyone's born in shame, it's not just me
Partical wave duality

           Cm7          Cm7/D
How can we ever evolve
When our gods are so primitive?
F#              G              Bm
They destroy our chance for peace
           Em          Bm
Chance for love

G Bm Am Bb7 Cm7 G
Cm7/D: X55343
Eb: X65343

"Enemy Gene"
"Enemy Gene"
"Of Montreal" "Enemy Gene" "39380752"
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