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"Orange And Lemons"

 Orange And Lemons - Tomorrow Guitar Tab
    Tomorrow Chords
Intro: FM7-BbM7
FM7            Bb                FM7      Bb
Why be anxious of the things that makes us sad
FM7                  Bb
Why pamper lifes dilemmas
When it brings you down
         G                       Bb
And makes a downhearted fool out of you
Why live in despair
            Eb                        D
When you've gotta a lot of things in store
For tomorrow
            EbM7        D            G
I will make a happy day out of tomorrow
                              EbM7  D
And I'll sing as exhilarating song
For tomorrow
Verse: (Do cp verse)
Why be down in the dumps
When a lot of people care
You maybe ordinary
But maybe ordinary
But especially ordinary
And your just a stone-throw away
From being the best you can be
Why live in the past
When you've gotta a lot of things in store
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse: (Do cp FM7-BbM7)
Look into the eyes of the present
And anticipate the jollities and challenge
Tomorrow could bring the past Is unimportant
The'll be time to recall the enigmatic
And beautiful process called life
When you realized everything indeed
Do happen for a reason
(Repeat Chorus) 2x
For tomorrow
        EbM7              D
(Got a lot of things in store)
For tomorrow
            EbM7     D
(Let's all sing a happy song)
Tomorrow . . . 


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