Pierre Bensusan (born October 30, 1957) is a French-Algerian
guitarist. His family came from Spain, Spanish Morocco and French
Algeria. His CDs include Pres de Paris (1975), 2 (1977), Solilai
(1982), Intuite (2000), An Evening With International Guitar Night
(2004), and Altiplanos (2005). The genre of his acoustic guitar music
is often characterized as Celtic, Folk, World music, New Age, or
Chamber jazz.Born in 1957 in Oran, French Algeria, his family moved to
Paris when he was four years old. He took up the piano at the age of
seven and, at the age of eleven, began to teach himself guitar. He
signed the contract for his first album, Près de Paris, when he was
just seventeen; it was released one year later, winning him the Grand
Prix du Disque at the Montreux Festival. His many influences include
Django Reinhardt, Martin Carthy, Ry Cooder, Big Bill Broonzy, Reverend
Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson, Jimi Hendrix, John
McLaughlin, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Ralph Towner, Wes Montgomery,
Pat Metheny and Paco de Lucía.Pierre Bensusan has a reputation as
something of an innovator in the field of solo acoustic guitar,
including his use of the DADGAD tuning system, and his experimentation
with electronics such as delays, distortions and volume pedals, which
have been largely abandoned on recent tours. Stylistically, his
playing exhibits remarkable dynamics and tone control, usually to be
found only in the playing of high-profile classical guitarists. The
sophisticated, highly syncopated bass lines incorporated into his
counterpoint arrangements also set him apart from the main host of
contemporary fingerstyle players.His unique style of scat-singing more
than makes up in warmth, inventiveness and charm what it lacks in
technical ability and he has continued to work this semi-improvised
style into his compositions, both pre-composed and improvised. He has
collaborated extensively with saxophonist Didier Malherbe, but today
his tours are largely solo. He also performed the song "ELM" for the
Cowboy Bebop soundtrack Cowboy Bebop No Disc for Yoko Kanno.In 2001 he
released Intuite, his first new studio recording in eight years and
his first totally acoustic one. It won him critical acclaim and was
followed up with Altiplanos in 2005 (see below for full discography).
He continues to write and tour, playing occasional gigs with French
wind maestro Didier Malherbe, as well as holding guitar workshops and
writing guitar books. Often referred to as the "Mozart of Guitar,"
Bensusan is considered a virtuoso player by other virtuosos, including
Michael Hedges, who wrote a piece for Bensusan. After Hedges' death,
Bensusan wrote and recorded the song "So Long Michael" in tribute to
Hedges' own masterful work as a virtuoso player.Indexed at Wikipedia. 



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