Extreme Noise Terror (often abbreviated to ENT) are a crust punk
and grindcore band originally from Ipswich, England. Formed in January
1985, they are one of the key early UK grindcore bands and are still
together today.Notable for their use of dual vocalists and for
recording a number of sessions for BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, Extreme
Noise Terror started as a hardcore punk band. It became evident from
early shows that they were far more extreme than many bands of that
genre. Before even Napalm Death, ENT helped characterise the early,
archetypal grindcore sound: Fiercely political lyrics, grinding
guitars, extremely fast tempo and often very short songs.In 1992
Extreme Noise Terror appeared live with dance music group The KLF at
the BRIT Awards. They also worked on The KLF's abandoned album The
Black Room.Extreme Noise Terror are the subject of an article in the
musicological essay collection Bad Music: The Music You Love To Hate.
(ed. Christopher Washburn and Maiken Derno; Routledge, 2004. ISBN
978-0415943666)Indexed at Wikipedia.  


  Chords and Tabs:  Terror


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   Always The Hard Way Tab

   Another Face Tab

   Arms Of The Truth Tab
   Better Off Without You Tab
   Disconnected Tab

   Hell To Pay Tab

   Life And Death Tab

   Lowest Of The Low Tab

   Never Alone Tab

   Nothing To Me Tab

   One With The Underdogs (ver 2) Tab

   One With The Underdogs Tab
   Push It Away Tab

   Spit My Rage Tab

   Strike You Down Tab

   What Have We Done Tab
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