Hot Rod Hotel Chords - Wilco

"Hot Rod Hotel"

"Hot Rod Hotel"
"Hot Rod Hotel"
 Wilco - Hot Rod Hotel Guitar Tab
    Hot Rod Hotel Chords
    Hot Rod Hotel by Billy Bragg & Wilco
Tabbed by Ray Garza
Em                 G                  C           Am
I'm a porter and a night clerk at the old Hot Rod Hotel
  C                   Am             B                   Em
I clean and scrub the lobby down and thirty-one rooms as well
  Em                  G
I wax and shine their boots and shoes
  C                        Am
I brush down their crinkly clothes
      C                  Am           B                Em
And I meet the buses and trains and I show you to your door

     Em                   G              C                 Am
Bell-bottom pants brought two boys in at six-fourteen last night
    C                   Am             B                Em
Two girls checked in at ten-oh-two and I flipped on the light
    Em                  G                  C                  Am
The lamrod's wife looks in their doors and finds one terrible sight
      Am                 C                  B                    Em
Those boys and girls got bawled up in their doors and rooms that night
Bridge: D Em G Em x2
A bloody flood could never mess these rooms up any worse
It looked like Moe had used this room to grease and breed a horse
Old gum and hairs and sticky rags, old bottles on the floors
Gobs of spit and condom rubbers on the windows, walls, and doors

The lammy tried to make me clean out that crappy mess
Or else he'd fire me off my job and let me starve to death
I laid aside my polish rag and I downed my dusting pan
And I've not seen the old Hot Rod nor that old town since then 

"Hot Rod Hotel"
"Hot Rod Hotel"
"Wilco" "Hot Rod Hotel" "39380752"
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    About the artist behind Hot Rod Hotel Chords:   
     Wilco is an American rock band based in Chicago, Illinois. The
band was formed in 1993 by the remaining members of alternative
country group Uncle Tupelo following singer Jay Farrar's departure
from that group. Wilco's lineup has changed frequently, with only
singer Jeff Tweedy and bassist John Stirratt remaining from the
original incarnation. The other current members are guitarist Nels
Cline, multi-instrumentalists Pat Sansone and Mikael Jorgensen, and
drummer Glenn Kotche. Wilco has released six studio albums, a live
double album, and three collaborations: two with Billy Bragg, and one
with The Minus 5.Wilco's music has been inspired by a wide variety of
artists and styles, including Bill Fay and Television, and has in turn
influenced music by The National and Cherry Ghost. The band continued
in the alternative country of Uncle Tupelo on its debut album A.M.
(1995), but has since introduced more experimental aspects to their
music.Wilco garnered media attention for its fourth album, Yankee
Hotel Foxtrot (2002), and the controversy surrounding it. After the
recording sessions were complete, Reprise Records rejected the album
and dismissed Wilco from the label. As part of a buy-out deal, Reprise
gave Wilco the rights to the album for free. After streaming Foxtrot
on its website, Wilco sold the album to Nonesuch Records in 2002. Both
record labels are subsidiaries of Warner Music Group, leading one
critic to say that the album showed "how screwed up the music business
[was] in the early twenty-first century."[1] Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is
Wilco's most successful release to date, selling over 590,000 copies.
Wilco won two Grammy Awards for their fifth studio album, 2004's A
Ghost Is Born, including Best Alternative Music Album.Indexed at
Hot Rod Hotel Hot Rod Hotel Chords, 

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