Holy Over Me Chords - Hillsongs

"Holy Over Me"

"Holy Over Me"
"Holy Over Me"
 Hillsongs - Holy Over Me Guitar Tab
    Holy Over Me Chords
    Holy Over Me
Christy Nockels
Key: G

Capo 5
G  C2  G  C2
Verse 1:
G                        C2
You're love has come and taken over me
D                                  C2      G   D/F#
Your love has caused these blinded eyes to see
Em7                          Am7
You come and fill this empty life I bring
C2          D         G
You're holy holy over me
Verse 2:
G                       C2
My body and my soul are yours to keep
D                               C2   G  D/F#
come make your temple here with liberty
Em7                        Am7
I lay me down for you have promised me
C2          D         G
You're holy holy over me
G              C2           G/B
Holy Holy over land and seas
Am7  D         G       D/F#
Holy Holy over galaxies
Em7            C2
Holy Holy over deepest needs
Am7         D         G
You're holy holy over me
Verse 3:
Your love does not depend on what I do
Your love is freedom and it pleases you
You come and cover me in loving truth
You're holy holy over me

"Holy Over Me"
"Holy Over Me"
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