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 Hillsongs - Hosanna Guitar Tab
    Hosanna Chords
    Intro: C#m  E  F#m  Abm

Verse 1:
E                       C#m
I see the King of glory coming down the clouds with fire
                F#m                    Abm       C#m
The whole earth shakes the whole earth shakes
E                        C#m
I see his love and mercy washing over all our sin
           F#m             B
The people sing the people sing

            E   A       B   C#m     A            C#m     B
        Ho--sa--nna Ho--sa--nna   Hosanna in the highest
            E   A       B   C#m     A            B    E
        Ho--sa--nna Ho--sa--nna   Hosanna in the highest

Verse 2:
E                  C#m
I see a generation rising up to take the place
              F#m                 Abm
With selfless faith with selfless faith
E                    C#m
I see a near revival starting as we pray and seek
             F#m                B
We're on our knees we're on our knees


Guitar solo:
C#m  E  F#m  Abm (x2)

A                         B
Heal my heart and make it clean
E                      C#m
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
A                        B              C#m
Show me how to love like you have loved me
A                               B
Break my heart with what breaks yours
E                        C#m
Everything I am for your kingdom cause
A                      B        C#m
As I walk from earth into eternity



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