One Desire Chords - Hillsongs

"One Desire"

"One Desire"
"One Desire"
 Hillsongs - One Desire Guitar Tab
    One Desire Chords
    "One Desire"
Darlene Zschech
Hillsong Music Australia "Blessed"

E  A  E  A

E  A  E  A

B  C#m  A  E  B  C#m  A 

E  B  C#m  A
E  D  F#m  B

E F#m E/G# A  C#m  B  A
Verse 1 
you give it all for me 
my soul desire my everything
and all I am is devoted to you 

Verse 2
How could I fail to see 
you are the love that rescued me 
and all I am is devoted to you 

and oh, how could I not be moved, Lord here with you 
So have your way in me, cause Lord there is just one thing 
that i will seek

this is my cry, my one desire 
Just to be where you are Lord now and forever 
it's more than a song, my one desire 
is to be with you, is to be with you, Jesus

the one thing, the one thing I ask, is to be with you

"One Desire"
"One Desire"
"Hillsongs" "One Desire" "39380752"
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