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Guitar Tabs Explorer  » Articles » Submit tabs and chords
Submit tabs and chords
Without you and your fellow tabbers there would not be much of site
here at We need all the help we can get to
make the tablature archive as good and accurate as possible. Please
submit your tabs and chords here.

If you have tabs or chords on your computer that we are missing please
submit them by using the forms below. Please do not send us material
from tab books or magazines as these are copyrighted. The tabs must be
ear-transcribed, that means that you have to listen to the song and
then tab it down as you would play it. You may start with the guitar
tab template or bass tab template when starting to tab. Again, thank
you very much for your help.

			Band / Artist:
			Song title:
				Guitar tabs
				Guitar chords
				Guitar solo
				Guitar intro
				Bass tabs
			Tab difficulty:
				Please select
			Optional, *see help below.
				Please select
				Standard (EBGDAE)
				Half-Step Down
				B Tuning
				C Tuning
				D Tuning
				Drop A
				Drop A#
				Drop B
				Drop C
				Drop C#
				Drop D
				Open C
				Open D
				Open E
				Open G
			Optional, *see help below.
			 How many strings does a guitar have? (A number)
			Cut and paste tabs below:

*Tab difficulty
This is a small guide when people choose tabs based on playing skills.
Please note that it's not song difficulty, but it's your tab
difficulty! If the tabs was made by beginner guitarists please choose
"Novice". Extremely difficult tabs and chords should be marked
"Advanced" while the rest can be labeled "Intermediate". Not sure what
to do? Leave it as it is.

If the song you have tabbed out use alternative tuning, please note
what it is. Almost any tablature can be altered to alternative tuning
even if the song use the standard EBGDAE. If that's your case --
please let us know what tuning you have altered the song to. This
field is optional. If unsure what to choose, don't select anything. 


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