Iron Maiden (1980)

       1. Prowler 2. Sanctuary 3. Remember Tomorrow 4. Running Free 5. Phantom of the Opera 6. Transylvania 7. Strange World 8. Charlotte the Harlot 9. Iron Maiden
	 File: 68  Score: 15.2  against: +IRON +MAIDEN - 'DIFFERENT WORLD' Solo tabs :: Complete and free!



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Different world (Solo tabs)

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Iron Maiden - “Different world“ Solo tabs

Iron Maiden Different world solo tabs. Related pages are Different
world tabs, 
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 Avenging angels chords. See all Iron Maiden tabs. Submit corrected
and missing solo tabs here. 

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Different World - Iron Maiden, Solo
	This is a great song by Iron Maiden
and it will have the Harmonized part before the solo too, because most
tabbs dont have it right.
Transcribed by my guitar teacher and put on this site by Simon
-Rate Please-
Tuning: EADGBE

Harmonized part- Guitar I


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