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Pretending (Chords)

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Eric Clapton - “Pretending“ Chords

Eric Clapton Pretending chords. Related pages are Pretending bass
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corrected and missing chords here. 

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From citron@VNET.IBM.COM Sun Mar  9 21:32:55 1997

  PRETENDING  by Jerry Lynn Williams (performed by Eric Clapton)
              Tab(chords and words actually) submitted by Andy Citron

Piano intro, a few drum hits, then guitar solo around verse chords
(lick 1*)

How many times must we ...
How many times ...
Living in ...
You just re... (lick 1, guitar only)

Working on the ...(2 part harmony)
Trying to get ...
Two go out ...
Three stay ...(lick 2)
  A               E               D
  That's when she ...
  A          E        D
    Like she ...
  A               E               D
    That's when I knew ...
     A          E         D
  Pretending ...
     E5          Em7
  Pretending, p...
     A           E
  Pretending, p...    (2nd time, repeat 'pretending' part before solo)

  (second time guitar solo here)

Satisfied but ...(2 part harmony)
Situations ...          (2 part harmony)
You're never who you ...
How st....e    (lick 2)


I get lost in ....
Can't f... (lick 2)

Don't be ....(3 part harmony when singing)
Don't be pretending ....(the word 'pretending')
Don't be pretending about ....
Don't be pretending that ...
E5          Em7
Pretending, pr...
A           E5
Pretending, pret...

* lick 1 = E  D  B A  G E  E (octave lower)
* lick 2 = A  B  D B  G D E

Notes:  E5 may be E maj or E min, it isn't clear.  The rythm plays E5
the solo sometimes plays major 3rd sometimes minor 3rd.

Also, the its not clear if the Em7 is an Em7 or a G with an E in the

I find that these ambiguities are part of the appeal of the song.

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