Wearing The Inside Out Lyrics by Pink Floyd

From morning to night I stayed out of sightDidn’t recognise I’d
becomeNo more than alive I’d barely surviveIn a word…
overrunWon’t hear a soundFrom my mouthI’ve spent too longOn the
inside out…My skin is coldTo the human touchThis bleeding
heart’sNot beating muchHe’s curled into the cornerBut still the
screen is flickerinWith and endless stream of garbage tocurse the
placeIn a sea of random imagesThe self-destructing animalWaiting for
the waves to breakI murmured a vow of silence and nowI don’t even
hear when I think aloudExtinguished by light I turn on the nightWear
its darkness with an empty smileI’m creeping back to lifeMy nervous
system all awayI’m wearing the inside outLook at him nowHe’s paler
somehowBut he’s coming roundHe’s starting to chokeIt’s been so
long since he spokeWell he can have the words right from my mouthAnd
with these words I can seeClear through the clouds that covered meJust
give it time then speak my nameNow we can hear ourselves againI’m
holding outFor the dayWhen all the cloudsHave blown awayI’m with you
nowCan speak your nameNow we can hearOurselves againHe’s standing on
the thresholdCaught in fiery angerAnd hurled into the furnace
he’ll… curse the placeHe’s torn in all directionsAnd still the
screen is flickeringWaiting for the flames to break





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