Cunx Tuesday chords Kesha
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		Cunx Tuesday chords Kesha

[Verse 1]

I was looking lost, it was cold outside
The whiskey rocks how you caught my eye
My red lips painted, just got them black
I needed something to bring me back
     E                      d#m
You knew the play and we danced all night
     c#m              F#
But something wasn't right


    B                  g#m
So I'll see you next Tuesday
If I ever get desperate
Or I'm so beyond faded
 B                           g#m
Just said I'll see you next Tuesday
       d#m                           E
Kinda nice how this morning I would sit around waiting
     B                                 g#m
And I'm not just being cold I'm just watching you pretend
           d#m                            E
Like your heart is on your sleeve when I know you have a girlfriend
c#m                 g#m
I'll see you next Tuesday
F#                B  g#m
Oh oh, oh oh, oh

[Verse 2]

You won't call and you won't admit
The lies you spin for your power trip
And I just can't take you seriously
When all you send is a text to me
So I'll be gone when the morning comes
Let's not pretend it's love1stchords

[Repeat Chorus]

I don't want anything from this
B                                                           F#
I got your number, don't call me I'll call you if I need a hit  (2x)

[Repeat Chorus]

( B g#m )
Oh oh, oh oh
I'll see you next Tuesday
Oh oh, oh oh
I'll see you next Tuesday...

Any correction would be appreciated


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