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Song: Buried Me Tab

Intro:  Am C Am C

C                                   Am
i really hate when you call me late at night
C                Am
  i didnt answer cuz i didnt wanna fight
C                           Am
or hear you say things you dont mean
C                       Am
 drive my heart again down misery street

G                    F             C
 well baby go ahead and arrange the flowers
G                     F             C
and prepare my eulogy
G                      F            C
call my brothers to be my pall bearers
G         F                        C
cuz what you did already buried me

Am C Am C

(same as first)
when i think of you i get in my car
but i can never escape from where you are
i cant forget the words you said
the night you shot me in the heart and left me for dead


Am         G         F           C
well who am i kidding ill never be over you (never be over you)
Am       G               F          G  
just put me ten feet deep and ill face the truth yeah

C Am C Am

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