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SONG:               Is Anybody Going' To San Antoine
PERFORMED BY:       Charlie Pride
TRANSCRIBED BY:     Ravon Guidry   

This is my first transcription. Hope I've done well with it.

[E] Rain dripping off the [A] brim of my hat [B7] sure is cold to

Here I am walking down [A] Sixty Six [B7] wish she hadn't done me
[E] way

Sleeping under a table in a [A] roadside park a [B7] man could wake

But it sure seems warmer [A] than it did [B7] sleeping in our king
size[E] bed

[E] Is anybody going to [A] San Antoine or [B7] Phoenix Ari[E]zona

Any place is all right as [A] long as I can for [B7] get I've ever
[E]known her.

[E] Wind whippin down the [A] neck of my shirt like I [B7] aint got
nothin [E] on

But I'd rather fight the [A] wind and rain than [B7] what I've been
fightin at [E] home

Yonder comes a truck with the [A] U.S. mail [B7] people writin
back [E] home

Tommorrow she'll probably [A] want me back but I'll [B7] still be
as [E] gone

(Repeat Chorus) 
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