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4/4 in key of G

(D)when the times get(D)really rough, that's
(C)when my little light(G)shine
(D)I'm not mean and(D)I'm not tough but
(C)I've got Jesus in(G)side (G7) so ill get
(C)by  (C)yes i'll get(G)by  
(D)I've got Jesus in(C)side and i'll get
G)by (G)   (G)

(D)Sickness comes and(D)takes away the
(C)ones we love the(G)Most but
(D)Like a faithful (D)soldier we will
(C)mind our post and sur-(G)vive
(G7) and we'll get(C)by (C)yes we'll get
(G)by (D_We have Jesus in(C)side and we'llget
(G)by   (G)
(em)I am just a(C)pilgrim but
(D)Heaven's in my (G)sights
(em)Even river (C)jordan can't
(D)slow my faith or (G)drive (G7)I will get
(C)by  (C)I know I'll get(G)by
(D)I got Jesus in(C)side and i'll get
(G)by   (G)

(D)Don't know if I'll:(D)Have a robe, a
(C)harp and a (G)crown (D)I'm just glad 
(D_Ifound Jesus and (C)have this peace in
(G)side  (G7) I will get (C)by
(C) Yes I'll get (G)by (D)I have Jesus in
(C)side and i'll get (G)by  (G) 
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