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D         G   A7/6  D  Em7  A7  D       G    D   Fdim
No other love have  I,          only my love for you,

Em       Cdim(IV) G  E    A7        Em7 - A7 - DM7   Em7 - A7
Only the dreams  we knew, no other love.

D             G   A7/6  D   Em7  A7   D            G   D   Fdim
Watching the night go  by,          wishing that you could  be

Em          Cdim(IV) G  E   A7       Em7  A7  DM7
Watching the night with me, into the night I  cry.


                  C      G7
Hurry home, come home to me,

 A      E7    F#        B
Set me free, free from doubt

     E         A
And free from longing.

D         G    A7/6  D   Em7  A7   D             G     D   Fdim
Into your arms I'll fly,          locked in your arms I'll stay

Em          Cdim(IV) G   E
Waiting for   you    to say

A7       Em7  A7   D  DM7   G        Em7   A7   D
No other love have I,       no other love. 
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