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THE PARTY DON'T START (Til The Playboys Arrive)
Recorded by Don Walser
Writer: Unknown

[E] When I recall them old time rodeos
The ones we used to have [F#] many years a-[B7] go
Oh, the [E] bulls was big and mean, and we had a [A] purty rodeo
And the [E] whole thing started [B7] with a big pa-[E] rade.

[E] When you saw the cowgirls settin' on the fence
You knew the calf ropin' was a-[F#] bout to com-[B7] mence
There'll be [E] beer and barbeque, and [A] when the day is thru
We're gonna [E] have ourselves a [B7] shore-'nuff country [E] dance.

[E] Oh! the air will be filled with Western Swing
And we can hear old Tom-[F#] my Duncan [B7] sing
It feels [E] good to be alive, but the [A] clock says; "9:05"
Oh! the [E] party Don't Start - til them [B7] Playboys ar-[E] rive.

No, The Party Don't Start, until the Playboys are here
Have some more barbeque and drink another beer
THey say the bus broke down, but they just pulled into town
And The Party Don't Start, til the Playboys get here.

Well, I can't wait to hear them fiddles play
And hear old Bob Wills hollerin', in his usual way
I think I might see my way clear, to go drink another beer
But The Party Don't Start, til the Playboys get here.


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