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Ebony Eyes by The Everly Brothers

Words and Music by John D. Loudermilk

3/4 Key of E

E   /  /
--  On a weekend pass I wouldn't have had time
To get home and marry that baby of mine
     E           E7           A
So I went to the chaplain and he authorized
      E           B7    E     E7
Me to send for my ebony eyes

   A              E
My ebony eyes was coming to me
     A                   E                   B7
From out of the skies on flight twelve - o - three
      E       E7          A
In an hour or two I would whisper "I do"
      E         B7    E
To my beautiful ebony eyes

-- spoken --

The plane was way overdue so I went inside to the airlines
desk and I said "Sir, I wonder why 1203 is so late."  He said
"Oh, they probably took off late or they may have run into
some turbulent weather and had to alter their course."

I went back outside and I waited at the gate and I watched the
beacon light from the control tower as it whipped through the
dark ebony skies as if it were searching for
   B7         E
my eb -on - y eyes.

Then came the announcement over the loudspeaker "Would
those having relatives or friends on flight number 1203 please
report to the chapel across the street at once."

E  /    /
-- Then I felt a burning break deep inside
And I knew the heavenly ebony skies
    E                    A
Had taken my life's most wonderful prize
   E         B7    E     E7
My beautiful ebony eyes

   A             E
If I ever get to heaven I'll bet
    A                     E
The first angel I'll recognize
A                        E
She'll smile at me and I know she will be
   B7              E
My beautiful ebony eyes 
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