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Steve Earle       Texas Eagle written by  Steve Earle
The Del McCoury Band

Steve Earle (vocals, guitar) 
Del McCoury (vocals, guitar) 
Ronnie McCoury (vocals, bouzouki, mandolin) 
Rob McCoury (guitar, banjo) 
Jason Carter (fiddle) 
Mike Bub (bass) 

My Grandaddy was a railroad man 
                            B7      E
When I was young he took me by the hand 
Drugged me to the station at the break of dawn 
                                       B7        E
Said "boy I got to show you somethin' 'fore it's gone" 
She was blue and silver - she was right on time 
   E                            B7     E
We rode that Texas Eagle on the Mopac line 


We had some sandwiches that Granma packed 
                         B7         E
We rode to Palestine and hitchhiked back 
Home in time for supper with a tale to tell 
                                           B7      E      
That night I dreamed I heard that lonesome whistle wail 
When I got old enough to ridee the train alone 
E7                                 B7  E
I'd ride that Texas Eagle up from  San Antone 


Nowadays they don't make no trains 
                                       B7     E
Just the piggyback freighters and them Amtrak things 
They shut the Eagle down awhile ago 
                                B7  E
Sold it to the railroad down in Mexico 
But every now and then that whistle's on my mind 
E7                                 B7    E
I ride that Texas Eagle ‘cross the borderline 

From Steve Earle "The Mountain"
E Squared Records 1999 
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