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Radney Foster     The Kiss    written by Randy Foster

Radney Foster            vocals/acoustic guitar
Jay Joyce                guitar
Rami Jaffee              keyboards
Michael Rhodes           bass
Bob Mummert              drums  
Tammy Rogers             viola
Pete Wasner              accordion 
Mike McAdam              slide guitar 

E                  Esus
Well it's over and gone
     E            A
Girl tell me the truth
       E               Esus
Don't try to lie about it
Someone else has been with you
C#m            C#m/B       A           E
Judas couldn't hide it any better than this
The secret's out darling
B             E 
Betrayed by a kiss
E                            Esus
Well it's right here with us baby
          E                A
Though it really can't be seen
         E                 Esus
It's the smell of his seduction
And it makes it hard to breathe
  C#m              C#m/B           A          E
A tender touch can hit you so much harder than a fist
Not a single word was spoken
            B             E
You've been betrayed by a kiss
Where did we go wrong
And blow that candle out

How'd love so strong
Learn to fill a house with doubts
And how long have I been so blind
And been the odd man out


E                   Esus
Now the truth is so hard
      E           A
That we choose to lie
    E             Esus
And shout our denials
Till the ducts have run dry
C#m               C#m/B        A                   E 
No one's there to cover up the last track that you missed
It's an intimate moment
        B           E
To be betrayed by a kiss
C#m             C#m/B           A            E
Tender lips can hit you so much harder than a fist
It's a damnable heartbreak
        B           E 
To be betrayed by a kiss


From Radney Foster  "See What You Want To See"
Arista Records 1998
PolyGram Intl Publishing/St Julien Music(ASCAP) 
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