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                      Streets of Love          written by:Kevin Welch
               performed by Kevin Welch on the "Thing Called Love"
  E        B-E
1.All right, I admit it 
  E  A      E
  I'm lonesome
  E          A-E
  That;s right, there I've said it baby
  E          B            E
  I'm not ashamed to be blue

  A       E
C.I know now what I'm made of
  B               E
  Skin and bone, muscle and blood
  A         E
  I know now what road I'm on
  A          E             B        E
  I'm a vagabond on the streets of love

2.I'm more like myself now
  Than I ever was
  And I don't regret it
  I'm not afraid of wanting you


3.So if you turn on your porch light
  Let it shine just for me
  It's been a while since I took my chances
  But I'll come knocking at your door


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