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This is the work of Gene Graham and Tim Ausburn. A good song for all
Marty Robbins fans.

AFTER THE STORM     Writer/Noe   Singer/Marty Robbins

(D) We both have fought the storms of life to- (A7) gether,
Many times it seemed our world was gonna (D) end,
We've touched the thorns of life, now we know (A7) better,
And we're more in love now than we've ever (D) been.

After The Storm - - - comes the (A7) sunshine,
The clouds are gone - - - and the world has (D) changed,
Into each life there (d7) will be (G) showers,
But don't the (A7) world look brighter - - - after the (D) rain.

Well, the sweetest love is when we're back to- (A7) gether,
And it's just like a second honey- (D) moon,
And we've touched the thorns of life, now we know (A7) better,
And the rain just helps to make the roses (D) bloom.

Repeat Chorus:

Don't the (A7) world look brighter after the (D) rain. 
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